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  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 01-19-07 | 01:59 AM
  • DH & I would like to try to relocate sometime in the next 1 1/2 - 2 years. We want to move closer to our families and DH wants to live somewhere that isn't so hot & humid in summer and is "guaranteed" to get at least some snow in the winters. We currently live in SC, my parents in TX & his in AZ. We're thinking about somewhere kind of between the two, maybe in NM.
    If you've ever voluntarily relocated any insight you have would be welcome. What do we need to think about in terms of finding a new place to live and a job for DH? I just don't know where to start. Should we think about an apartment or rental place for a few months once we move while we try to find or build a house?
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 01-19-07 | 02:08 AM
  • Sorry I can't help, I have lived in the same city since I was 5. I hope someone can give you some good advice
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-19-07 | 10:33 AM
  • I haven't done it either, but DH moved here when he graduated from college.

    I'd imagine that the first step is determining what kind of job DH would get and where. Perhaps you can do some job research and see if anything amazing comes up. At least by doing that, you can plot a trail and see where the hottest job markets are and stuff. Then start sending out resumes. Sometimes it takes companies many months to sort through their resume piles--and that might be just in time for your big move!
    Renting for the short-term would probably be a good idea. But I wouldn't do that for more than a year or so.

    I would be frightened to move somewhere without having a secured source of income unless we had an ample emergency fund and made a giant profit on the sale of our house.

    Keep us posted. This is a big change!!! How exciting--I've always wanted to just pack up and move somewhere. We tossed around the idea of it last night when DH was thinking that he might like working for Microsoft. Moving from Ohio to Seattle would be a BIG change.
  • tryinfr3rd tryinfr3rd's Avatar 01-19-07 | 01:55 PM
  • Ive never packed up and moved to another state but I have moved all over this state
    we usually didnt move until dh had a job in wherever we were moving though (that was usually the reason for the move to begin with) so I agree with Deanna about looking into job info online in the areas you are thinking of, maybe ask family or etc if they know of any certain area that have been or lived in that they liked in the general area you are considering moving too.....p.s. Deanna if you guys ever do move up here to WA we'll have to meet up!!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 01-19-07 | 05:08 PM
  • I had this nice long reply all typed out last night but the boards were tempermental and I lost it.

    I have relocated a couple times. Once by myself and once with my family.

    When I moved with my family, it was pretty easy because we were moving to a place where I had extended family nearby to help with things like finding temporary housing and unloading the moving truck

    both of my relocations have been because the jobs were transferred. So I've never had to worry about looking for work in the new place.Its always been there waiting for us.

    As for finding housing. Definately look for a house or a large apartment to rent for a year while you get settled. You don't want to buy a house that you find out later on is not what you thought it was (or in the neighborhood you though it was)

    I would suggest going to and looking in that neighborhood. Some areas in craigslist are really busy and some are slow, but it is a good (and free) starting point.
    I have a rental house now and our tenants all always seem to be people relocating from somewhere. Each of my tenants has been found thru.... craigslist

    You can also start looking for jobs at places like

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