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Speaking of GREAT deals!

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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 11-10-09 | 03:46 PM
  • Yesterday we went to Shoko to get Douglas some new socks (Walmart is further away or we would have gone there) and MAN did we get some good deals

    First we looked at the clearance Halloween stuff. Douglas LOVES super heroes and is always begging for super hero costumes just to play around in. We found Iron Man, in his size for $5 (was $50!) Then we found his socks, on sale AND we used our Shopko little money saver card thing that they have and spent $7.07 in stead of $12.98! We found him 2 pairs of shorts for $1.99 each (not sure the original price, but they were 90% off and I don't feel like doing the math on that
    ) and I found 2 skirts for myself (I wear a LOT of skirts) that were 80% off, one was $8, the other was closer to $9!

    We are also going back later today to pick up Douglas' refill on his meds so dh is going to run back in and get 3 things, 2 movies (if you buy them both you save $8 with the coupon on the one) and a Fur Real cat for my Grandma for Christmas (the movies are Tinkerbell and Snow White, they will be for gifts for the girls as well.) The story behind the cat thing: My Grandma LOVES animals and has ALWAYS had pets in the house, but since my Grandpa got sick and passed away almost 6 years ago she hasn't wanted to have the hassel of cleaning up after the animals, SO since this thing acts (and even kinda looks like) a real cat, I figured it would be GREAT for her! It's also 40% off, so that makes it even better
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 11-11-09 | 12:19 PM
  • Those ARE great deals! We have a Halloween party each year for our friends' children and we always shop just after Halloween to supply the next year's party!

    I've never heard of Shopko.
    Sounds like a good place!
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 11-11-09 | 02:29 PM
  • Some of their stuff can be kinda pricey, but they have really good clearance stuff always!