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Anyone can help?

Anyone can help?

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  • Melisaadams 09-18-17 | 01:45 PM
  • I am new here.
    My name is Sara Brown and I am living in an Atlanta.
    It’s been sixth year of trying for my baby. In the last five year I lost the lot of things. I lost my health and became Ill for the six months. Actually I faced the desperation and overwhelming situation just because I failed to conceive.
    Everything was going so great until I decided to go for the baby. I was so nervous because it’s my first marriage and I don’t know how things work out. Everything that happens in my life was one of the dramas that seem unrealistic.
    When we fail to conceive we decided to check up with the doctor. The report of the tests shown my ovation has been damaged because I am failed to mature my eggs. I have been working on the things which that help me to get out of it.
    Everything happens so fast that I was so unconscious. From last few years the change was so bad and I want to realize that everything happen for the reason. The pain I am feeling to get solution is seeking all the energy out of me.