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Am I imagining it

Am I imagining it

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  • laurarogers251 11-25-18 | 11:02 PM
  • Hi my name is Laura and I am 29 years old. I want so bad to have a baby but when I went to the hospital today all I was told was that I just have a bad bladder infection and that I'm just gassy. I know my body and I know that that cannot be the real reason for my symptoms. I have been nauseous, light headed, dizzy, back pains, leg pains, headaches, and my belly has been getting big over the last 2 months but the weight gain is only in the abdominal area. I feel pressure in my upper stomach and my husband and I can see the movements even feel them. And when he talks to my belly the movements move to the aide of his voice. I have had 3 live births and I feel like I am pregnant. I have taken multiple tests and they have all been negative but I wonder if it is because I have still been having my cycle. But I have had my cycle until I was at least 6 months pregnant with my boys before I found out and I was almost 8 months with my daughter before I found out. The hospital has me thinking that maybe I am crazy but I still feel like I am pregnant but I wonder if they were just trying to rush me through because I don't have insurance. But I can't get full Medicaid or anything until I find out if I am. What should I do or has anyone else had this issue?