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iPhone and Android Apps for Parents, Babies, and Toddlers

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Old 03-28-12, 12:27 PM
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Default iPhone and Android Apps for Parents, Babies, and Toddlers

Parents and their kids have more choices than ever for learning, discovering, and connecting with others in today’s digital world. So many interesting and fun apps exist for androids and iPhones that it’s hard to say which are the best, most fun, or even most practical. Google “best apps for parents,” and you’re likely to turn up several lists of favorites from which to choose. Many apps are free, and most are low-cost. Create your own list, or check out some of these:

From American Baby Magazine comes Sprout*Pregnancy Essentials ( The free version includes a pregnancy calendar which you can customize with your baby’s due date, name, and gender; a planner for tracking doctor appointments and recording questions and answers; a checklist for planning your hospital stay; as well as functions like a weight tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. The $3.99 version allows you to share your baby’s development on Facebook and through email.

Also from American Baby is the Baby Names Plus app (, available free from iTunes. The app includes 25,000 names for both genders, with advanced search abilities by name, origin, popularity, etc. The $1.99 version includes pronunciations, ranks in popularity by U.S. state, and more.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro ( is another free app you can use to track your pregnancy, weight gain, photos, and share it all with friends and family.

For after the baby arrives, Baby Tracker Nursing (*will help you track when and for how long you breasted each time on each breast, and which breast you started with first. The app costs about $4.99. However, Baby Feeding Timer ( is similar and is free.

For parents who want the overall “big picture,” Total Baby ( keeps track of when and how much your newborn eats, when and how much she wets and dirties a diaper or sleeps, and how much she is growing, all for $4.99.*

Speaking of sleeping, there’s an app to help with that, too: White Noise Baby ( Looped audio sounds like the noise from a car ride, wind chimes, and more help lull your baby to sleep. You can also try out the free White Noise LITE, or for $0.99, White Noise Recorder, which will let you record your own sleepy time sounds.*

WebMD Baby ( is only available only on Apple devices for now, but a version for androids will probably be released in 2012. Like the website, the app offers parents medical advice and information about physical and emotional development. It also has a Baby Book section to record events and store videos.

Picture time? The Baby Cam app plays about 15 sounds that*most babies find pleasing or amusing, enticing them to smile or laugh for the camera. Animal noises, songs, bells, and more can help prompt your child to smile right at the camera lens, for the cost of $0.99.
When your little one is ready to hit the playground for the first time, check out Playgrounds! from Kaboom, available free from iTunes. This app locates playgrounds close to you and allows you to rate the playground, comment, or share photos. You can also find playground activities and trivia and plan playground play dates.

Parents Magazine brings us Toddler Flash cards ( to help parents introduce colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. The free app comes with both the colors and shapes card sets, and additional sets can be purchased for $0.99 each. All of the sets use colorful quizzes, animations, and sounds to engage the younger set and motivate them to learn.

And here’s a good one for when your toddler needs to use the potty while you’re away from home: Sit or Squat (, sponsored by Charmin, the toilet paper folks! This handy app helps you locate the nearest bathroom in a hurry—and it’s free.

Plenty of other great apps for parents are at your fingertips—check out these lists:

10 iPhone Apps for Parents:,2817,2344215,00.asp

20 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Parents:

10 Best Apps for Parents Right Now:

Did we miss any apps? Let us know!
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Old 03-28-12, 02:46 PM
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I will be forwarding this to my wife, she is and iphone junkie!
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Old 03-28-12, 04:27 PM
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That's really cool. I still live in the dark ages and have an old, pay-as-you-go phone that has no data plan. But I know these will apply to most of our members and I'm sure they'll come in super handy!
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Old 11-05-12, 11:01 AM
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Awesome! Thank you for these
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