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ask ??

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  • lyn13 10-11-17 | 02:36 AM
  • hi i have some ask

    i have my menstration last sept 1-3 2017 and sept 28-29 theres posible that im pregnant ?
  • karinaparker 12-03-17 | 04:27 AM
  • Hi there, how do you do Lyn? Welcome to the forum. Sweet heart I didn’t get what is you actually saying. When did you ttc last time? I mean if you have pregnancy symptoms then you are. If your test result is positive then you are a mother to be. Sep was 2 months ago; Conceiving takes at least 6 week after ttc. You should wait calmly for 5 months more. Keep ttc meanwhile. If it does not work then you may go for IUI or IVF. They both are very effective. Take care. I wish you all the best.
  • margret3 12-03-17 | 05:14 AM
  • Hello there! Hope you are doing really good. So, you are confused regarding your menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Let me share some knowledge then you can analyze your condition that where you stand. A cycle is tallied from the principal day of 1 period to the primary day of the following time frame. The normal menstrual cycle is 28 days in length. Cycles can run somewhere in the range of 21 to 35 days in grown-ups and from 21 to 45 days in youthful youngsters. The ascent and fall of levels of hormones amid the month control the menstrual cycle. Hope it helps you.
  • grimmie 12-03-17 | 05:41 AM
  • Hello Lyn, how do you do? It seems that you are new in this forum. Welcome dear! I wish to help you in every possible way. I am not getting the back side of your post. Please explain properly. Since when are you ttc? If you have any pregnancy symptom like late periods cramps or if your kit result is positive then you are pregnant for sure. Have you consulted any doctor? Do you have any naturally conceived child before? Do you have periods in these 3 months? Is your pregnancy test result negative? If no then Congratulations but you must. Take care of your diet and health. I wish you very best of luck.
  • megankirchoff 12-03-17 | 05:06 PM
  • Hey Lyn! The information you have given is not perfect to tell. You should have told about your overall condition. Tell us about your symptoms. Menstrual cycle can be late due to some other reasons as well. It does not mean that you are pregnant. Well hoping for that is good. I also hope that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test. Or visit your doctor if you want to. There you can get the best information. If you share your details here. We can also help you a bit. Take care.

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