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  • JessH 11-14-05 | 07:53 PM
  • Thank You Girls Or Your Support But Unfortunatly We Got The Bad News Today. I Think I Might Take A Break From This Ivf Stuff, I Have Been Doing This For A Year Now And I Am Tired. My Body Needs A Break. It Was Hard To Come To That Decision And I Hope I Don't Regret It. I Wwas For Sure I Was Pregnant. I Am Proof That We Can't Go By Signs Ie: Cramps, Spotting Boobs. I Had It All And I Can't Beleive Its A Bfn. This Sucks, I Think I Will Drink A Huge Cup Of Really Strong Coffee Now. My Dh Went Out And Bought Me Junk Food, It Is Pretty Good. Thank God For Him He Is Awesome And The Only Reason I Am Still Sain(sp). He Has Laid In Bed With Me All Day And Cried With Me.

    Thanks Again Ladies
  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 11-14-05 | 07:58 PM
  • Dear sweet Jess, Oh I feel for you! I understand taking a break-this is hard on your body but more so on your heart. I wish the world was fair...I just have to have faith that there is a great plan for you...a baby at a later time, adoption or some other way for you to share your heart with the world...who knows, but I can tell whatever you do it will be with loving spirit.
  • jjello 11-14-05 | 08:58 PM
  • Jess, I haven't had the chance to talk much with you on these boards, but I am still very very sorry for the BFN. Please take care of and go easy on yourself.....

  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-14-05 | 09:24 PM
  • I'm so sorry Jess. It really sucks bad. I'm glad your dh is there for you. Don't give up the faith. Something will happen for you and dh. It always does work out somehow. It's all going to be ok. You drink that coffee and try and relax. Leslie
  • StacyLynn 11-14-05 | 10:58 PM
  • Oh Jess, I'm so sorry. I also hate those tricky mind games our bodies play on us, I do know how you feel. Thank God for good dh's!!! Take care of each other.

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