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Carly is here!

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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 02-01-06 | 07:39 PM
  • Hi ladies I'm a mom now. We had Carly on Friday, Jan 27th at 7:26. They induced me Friday morning but nothing happened by 6:00 so we went and did a c section. YOUCH! The labor was intense. My epidural only worked on the right side but at least 1/2 the pain was better than all of it. My cervix just wouldn't open (can you believe that!) Anyway, the baby's heart rate was dropping and she was just super stressed so we went for it. C section is pretty sucky. I had really bad shakes after because they had to give me a shot (something that started with a T) to stop the contractions from the pitocin. The shakes were awful because I was in so much pain from the surgery. Anyway, then they pretty much overdosed me on morphine but I was too out of it to tell them it wasn't working so they just kept giving me more and more, then I started puking and couldn't stop. Stupid nurse didn't even call my Dr. though all of this to tell him I was having a bad reaction to the morphine. Anyway, by morning when he came by I was pretty much in a comatose state so he switched me to percocet (which totally worked better and I quit barfting). Oh yeah, the baby was PERFECT! She didn't even go to NICU at all, her dad stayed with her until they brought me from recovery. The first day they had to formula feed her which was sucky because then it was hard to get her on the boob. She is now sucking happily away and is sweet as can be. The drugs made her sleep so I'm just taking advil now. You can't believe how weird it is (awesome)! I feel like she's me but just not attached now. I can't stand to have her more than a foot away from me. I wasn't going to sleep with her but I can't stand to part with her at night. I love her sooooo much! Anyway, we're both home and doing great. I don't know how to attach a picture but I'll see if I can figure it out. Leslie
  • spunkie1976 spunkie1976's Avatar 02-01-06 | 09:37 PM
  • Oh Leslie.......... that is so wonderful that she's doing so well. OMG, I'm so over the moon for you. I hope that you have a quick recovery from you c/s

    Sorry about the drugs and the interaction they had on you. I can NOT wait to see pictures of your little angel.

    *ps* I've been going out of my mind wondering where you've been at and if you had your baby yet.

    Again Congrats and enjoy her
  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 02-01-06 | 09:56 PM
  • Congratulations
    . I am so excited for you. I hope you are doing well, your c-section sounds just like my 1st, except when I told them I could feel them slicing through my stomach, they put me completely out. It is going to be really hard to keep your hands off your little princes. It's great things are working out so well considering all you had to do to get her here. Enjoy every minute new mommie, can't wait to see the baby. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 02-02-06 | 10:02 AM
  • Oh Leslie-I am crying over here! Congrats Mommy! I just knew you were having that angel. Carly is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Can't wait to see her pix. I don't blame you for not letting her out of your sight though. Sorry to hear of all the problems you had w/ the labor and all, but now that you have your baby I am sure it was all worth it, isn't that ironic though w/ your cervix, had to stitch it up for the pregnancy then it won't open, go figure. Well enjoy the heck out of her, I bet she is just georgous. Take care. Allison
  • lynn362434 lynn362434's Avatar 02-02-06 | 12:11 PM
  • Leslie,

    I am a lurker, came looking for info on IVF (long story why I need to go that route after already having two wonderful DD's 5 1/2 and almost 3). Your posts were great and I couldn't help following your pregnancy.

    Congratulations on Carly's arrival. It is wonderful to see you rewarded with a healthy baby after all you sacrificed and struggled through. It isn't any wonder that Carly will have the best mom in the world.

    Great news with the breastfeeding, I am non stop for 5 1/2 years, 1st DD weaned about 5 months after DD2 came along. I had similar problems on my 2nd DD's birth and can relate to what you went through there.

    Again, Congratulations and enjoy losing sleep because you just can't stop watching the perfect baby while she sleeps, even though you know you should sleep too.


    PS to all the women on the IVF boads, Sorry to have been a lurker but reading your posts have helped me tremendously. I will be content with the two wonderful DDs I have and wish the rest of my baby dust on all of you wonderful women. Good luck to all.

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