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charting and insem questions

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  • jodiraemarie jodiraemarie's Avatar 01-12-05 | 01:47 PM
  • I'm hoping someone can look at my chart and tell me what is going on. I had ewcm way too early then had none when I got my pos opk. My temps don't show O but the opk did show a surge
    What is going on!

    I did my insem the night I got my pos and again the next night. So about 12 and 36 hours after pos opk.

    Next question, since I had no cm to speak of DH decided we should make love first and then do the insem so as he put it the little guys have something to swim through. Do you think this will help at all or just wishful thinking?

    I have heard that having an orgasm before or during insem will help but I just can't get there without him


  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 01-12-05 | 03:53 PM
  • I cannot see the chart to be of help (I looooved BBT) is asking for username and password...

    OPK's indicating surge could be off as surge only means you should ovulate within a couple days (12-48 hours)...the day of your temp dip or immediately following is ACTUAL ovulation...sadly you will not know this until days afterwards when your temps spike up and stay up!

    We were told by our RE (even with dh's having azoospermia) not to DTD...
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 01-12-05 | 04:54 PM
  • I can't get in to see your chart either, but if you did an IUI there's no need for cm. If you did ICIs then it's hard to know whether bd'ing helps them get there. Some people say that the other man's semen actually can attack and kill the donor's sperm. I don't quite know what the truth is there.
    An orgasm at the time of ICI can help quite a bit - it helps to propel them into the uterus. Seems to have worked for me!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • jodiraemarie jodiraemarie's Avatar 01-12-05 | 04:59 PM
  • I can never get that thing to post right, user name is jodiraemarie, pw is job6a4

    Why did they say to not have sex before?

    I'll try that link again

    Chart Graph
  • jodiraemarie jodiraemarie's Avatar 01-12-05 | 05:04 PM
  • AARG, I am so not a computer person!!!!!

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