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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-18-05 | 04:25 PM
  • So I tested positive for gestational diabetes. Anyone know anything about it?
  • jjello 11-19-05 | 01:09 PM
  • Yikes! I don't know anything about it, but I'm really sorry you have to deal with it on top of everything else. One good thing about being in the joint (I guess) is that they can more easily stay on top of it.

    What kind of treatment do you do for it? Let me guess - more shots?!?

    You amaze me Leslie - keep on hanging in there,
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-19-05 | 01:18 PM
  • Well I have never eaten so poorly as I have in here. Everything I buy at home is organic. Organic dairy, vegetable, etc.. Any meat we get is either fresh or non antibiotic. We eat nothing with transfats, no chips, cakes, candy anything like that ever and since I've been here I haven't even eaten one piece of fish, because they fry it all. Their vegetables are canned (salt!!) and it all tastes bad, except the desserts. SO it's no wonder I don't have a healthy body. For #)@&)#& sakes! The poke your finger four times a day and put you on a "diabetic" diet. I'm dying to see what that's going to be. I think I would be healthier at home! I'm going to talk to my Dr. about this when he gets back from vaca on Tues. I'm pretty concerned. Bunch of jerks anyway. Leslie
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 11-19-05 | 01:50 PM
  • Let me put your mind at ease. Two factors that I knew of were carrying multiples and advanced maternal age. I knew for certain I was going to test positive for GD. It's nothing that you did. It's due to hormones from the placenta. I thought for sure it was because the only food I could keep down was pizza (bread) and I was eating a lot of it.

    After I was diagnosed, I met with a nutritionist. The "diet" consists of counting carbs and eating meals and snacks throughout the day. They will also probably give you a glucose monitor so you can prick yourself when you get up and 1 hour after each meal and snack. If the glucose level can't be managed by diet, you are put on insulin. Since you are being watched very carefully, you probably won't be able to cheat and do what I did. I absolutely failed at this. I was totally irresponsible but very lucky.

    I couldn't handle how much food I needed to eat. You have to keep track of your portions/carbs. The final straw was downing lo-cal smoothies which I never eat (and found disgusting to digest) and watching my glucose go skyrocketing. Basically, I ignored the fact that I had GD. Then to top it off, I started having cravings for ice cream all the time. I was very very bad. I don't recommend you do what I did. I'm just letting you know that I didn't follow the rules and I delivered 2 very healthy babies (and they didn't weight 10 lbs apiece as some babies do when the mom has GD). As I said earlier, I was very lucky.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-19-05 | 02:22 PM
  • Thanks Glinda. I'm so sick of this place! I'm going to talk to my Dr. and see if I can get out for a few weeks and go to a friends house. I would feel a lot better if I had better control over what I eat. I mean, they feed you crap in here. No better than airplane food. Then get all nervous when you're "not healthy" . Now the nurse says my lungs are congested. I just want to pull my hair out. All this stress isn't helping anything at all and now all I do is cry every time someone comes in. I can't imagine that's making anything ok. This is tough mang! Leslie

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