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height of scarceness!!

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  • ambrose 02-10-18 | 02:38 AM
  • hello ladies!!! I have joined this forum and want to keep my mind update with your conversation. So, ladies, my question is about my first-time fertility test. As I always afraid of this moment since my young age. When I was single I usually thought that after marriage if I will unable to give a baby to my in-laws then how they will act? If my pregnancy will not as normal as another woman has then what happened to me? After my pregnancy I ill able to develop my interest to increase my family size? All these questions that I think every woman is afraid of it hit me like a hammer. Now I am married and missed my periods. I am sitting in my car for going to the hospital. You can check my level of sacredness that I am not doing my test at home. Just because of a question mark what will happen? So my heartbeat is not normal as I am going for a war. So people what you suggest about it? If my fears and questions that I ever thing proves to be right then what happens to me? How should I drive my car towards hospital because once I go out on the runway and turn my car from the main gate of clinic just of my mind was hitting me with those questions continuously? Need help!!!!
  • GigiH 03-25-18 | 12:55 PM
  • Umm, first of all, you need to relax. The way you are stressing about it is definitely not good for your health. Also, stress and such scaredness have adverse effects on pregnancy as well. Let's think of the worst case scenario for better planning. What happens if you get a negative pregnancy test? Easy: you try to conceive again, no big deal. And for the worst, what happens if you are not able to conceive or are declared infertile? We hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, you will still be able to have a child. There are many options like IVF or surrogacy. Stop stressing and plan things out.
  • Christeenamartin 04-04-18 | 12:56 AM
  • Hi Ambrose,

    Be cool and relaxed dear friend. It is all part of a woman's life. How long have you been married? It is not necessary that you will get pregnant in the very first attempt itself. You need to wait with patience. Stay healthy. Get rid of all your fear and tension.
  • barbara123 05-30-18 | 08:28 AM
  • Hi dear! It seems to me that you need to calm down. I agree with other girls that panic and stress are not the best helpers in your case. If you stop being so nervous, I think you're doing fine. Do not worry, in any case, reproductive medicine is very developed nowadays. For example, my friends are entering in the program of surrogacy now. They chose the clinic for a long time, but finally they decided!
    Therefore, it is important not to be nervous, think rationally and act correctly without unnecessary emotions that will only harm you now!

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