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Here's a little update on me.....

Here's a little update on me.....

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  • TSLeer TSLeer's Avatar 02-08-06 | 06:15 PM
  • The back story is that when we thought was a good follicle in the fall on my right ovary is now known as the "troublemaker" It's a stationary cyst (no growth) that has complicated and delayed things. After 3 cycles with u/s monitoring, the results are just that, it's a troublemaker.

    So this cycle, we got the go ahead to start Femara and then 6 shots of Gonal-F that ended Sunday (2/5) and had the bloodwork drawn on Monday (CD13)..

    and then...........
    my bloodwork came back at 118, a mature follicle show at 200. So I had to run up to the doctors yesterday at 730am to take a look at things. It was so early I had to take my 4 year old with me.

    So we found a 17mm follicle on my left ovary. The little troublemake was still on my right along with a smaller follicle (about 10mm). RE said I need at least 2 more Gonal-F shots to get it up to 20mm (the left one), then I get to trigger on Thursday morning and inseminate on Friday morning.

    Ladies, I feel so positive about this cycle. I believe it's the first time since we started with this doctor that I have actually ovulated.

    Unfortunately, DH will be out of town at a farm show on Friday. We decided we didn't want to miss our chances. It's a good thing we're doing DI.

    On top of all this, we've had alot of drama at work. Our A/R girl just quit and left us hanging. I've volunteered to take it over as I was already helping with some of the work.
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 02-08-06 | 06:26 PM
  • Keeping everything crossed for you that THIS IS IT!!
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 02-10-06 | 02:50 PM
  • Hey Trisha, how did the appointment go?
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 02-10-06 | 03:16 PM
  • How exciting!!! I hope this cycle does it for you!
  • TSLeer TSLeer's Avatar 02-10-06 | 04:47 PM
  • Faith, the appointment went 4 year old was full of questions for the NP. I was pretty tender in the cervical area with she inserted the IUI syringe. I hope that's a good sign.
    I also have some cramping now. The IUI was done at 7:45, it's now 12:45.

    I get to start the coochie candies tomorrow. oh joy.

    NP said I could test if AF doesn't show on the 24th. Like I'm not gonna test between now and then. I will try to hold out for as long as I can.

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