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  • StacyLynn 09-23-05 | 11:33 PM
  • Well, I only caught the last 15 minutes - but that was 15 minutes more than I planned to watch. I only conceded 'cause Glinda asked.
    It was what I expected; a drama. It was kind of like ER but not as realistic and what about that refrigerator with the sperm in it?! Come on. (and I watch soaps!!)

    I didn't want to watch it because a) I'm not a "new trend" of the moment kind of girl and b) I'm living it, I don't need to be reminded of it. So basically I probobaly won't be watching it. But I am curious to hear what everyone else thought. Just my 2 cents.
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 09-23-05 | 11:58 PM
  • Now how exactly did the nurse/s l u t (word was censored) of the office (every tv show needs one) get the dr's sperm into a cup? You saw the dr leaning back in his chair with ecstasy written all over his face. Did she give him a blow job and then spit it back into the cup? Slightly contaminated if you ask me. And how on earth did he not know what she was doing?

    What else?....oh yeah....right in the beginning....the woman waltzing in with a triplet stroller saying it works. She put 3 embryos back and she got triplets. Someone smack her. Where was someone like me? You know the one who puts 4 embryos back, 1 sticks and then miscarries 10 weeks later.

    Loved the scene where the dr holds the woman's hand and tells her he's sorry but the test was negative. I got a nurse to call me, when she was good and ready, to say...oops another cycle down the drain. The dr tells her she isn't giving up and she WILL be a mother. He forgot to mention that it will also be a nominal fee of $100,000 when he's done with her. In the real world, she would have gotten the donor egg speech. She thinks the answer is using someone else's sperm without telling her husband.

    The show didn't touch on the emotional roller coaster that we put ourselves through. It didn't show how we max out our credit cards for another shot at IVF.

    I think I should have watched "Numbers" instead..........oh well.
  • ALICIAE 09-24-05 | 08:31 AM
  • Glinda, I agree with you completely. I was unsure about the show because I feel it is a little tacky.
    I do not want a joke made out of this and what about that Dr. can you say GOD COMPLEX.

    The other thing I found funny was the transfer. Where was the pee pee dance?
    I do not know about this one, but I loved three wishes.

  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 09-24-05 | 01:21 PM
  • It was pretty queer. I thought it was suppose to be a comedy after about 20 minutes of watching because what a JOKE! My clinic was so sterile that most of the staff was walking around in space age contamination suits and there was no way you could just waltz around the embryo room. Plus you never saw any of the other clients, EVER. You were put in one room then shuffled to another so that no one's privacy was ever violated. It was stupid and that Dr. was an ass. I was worried I'd get all weepy and traumatized but it was quite the opposite. I don't think it was insulting, just stupid. Leslie PS It was on at 9:00 here!
  • Missy M 09-24-05 | 09:58 PM
  • I'm sorry I missed such a wonderful show
    From the sounds of what all of you ladies are saying....I think I'll stick with survivor. I'd be glad to talk about that show with you Glinda
    Hope you ladies are having a good weekend.

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