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I can never be a mom

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  • ezabel 03-24-18 | 11:27 AM
  • Hey Lara! Prayers for you girl!
    If you think this is right then you must go for this.
    On the answer to your question, I won't say this is easy. Yes, this is a quite tough and long-term procedure. Not in terms of pain, it is emotionally tough.
    As you are looking for suggestions, I would suggest you look for such fertility clinics who possess success history. The second thing you must look for is a ‘contract'.
    Everything done must be contract based. Where there is no contract, there are enough chances of being ditched. This is a costly affair; you must look into every single detail before making any decision.
    You can’t spend your money on not so valuable individuals or fertility clinics.
    In case, if you are hiring a surrogate. You must be confident enough that, she would be loyal throughout the procedure. She must be perfectly healthy.
    For a contract, look for the facilities they are providing. Look for the packages that must be good enough.
    You must interact with surrogate or doctors often. This assures that you are giving your trust to right persons.
    When you are done with all this then you can go with this procedure.
  • phoeben 06-19-18 | 08:04 AM
  • I’m very sorry to hear about your heart disease. I have no idea how hard it is. But I believe that you are a strong person. You will find the way to solve this problem. Surrogacy is a great idea, by the way. A lot of medical centers around the world offer this service legally. Choose the one you like and start the process. As usual it takes up to 1 year to get a baby through surrogacy. It is pretty safe nowadays. A lot of medical centers will be glad to help you.
    I’ve gone through the surrogacy after 3 failed IVF attempts. I was recommended a good clinic to enter the program. They helped my husband and me to become parents. After 6 long years of ttc, our dream came true. It was a real miracle. I couldn’t believe that it was happening to us.
    To say truth, I was really scared and I didn’t want to enter the program. But I knew that it was our only chance to become parents. That’s why I tried to calm down and we did it. We’ve gone through all the examinations and the embryo was transferred to the surrogate. By the way, our doctor has chosen a great girl to give birth to our baby. She was a nice looking young woman. It was a great pleasure to deal with her. It is very important that we were protected by the agreement. Both, our family and the surrogate had to sign an agreement. It was also signed by the lawyer. So, we had nothing to worry about. There was no chance that the surrogate would keep the baby.
    Don’t be afraid, dear. You will never regret that you tried the surrogacy. It really works!
  • el123 11-19-18 | 07:33 AM
  • Hi, you should not despair so much. After all, at the moment, reproductive medicine is very developed. Surrogacy can help you become a mother. Moreover, if you have only heart problems, you will not need donor eggs. Therefore, the child will be your genetic. Why do you think that you will never become a mother? You will not have to set yourself up for failure in advance. Moreover, I know that there are good clinics in Ukraine. There are reasonable price for this procedure. But among them is the best clinic, which is known throughout the world. This is what my friends have chosen to enter the surrogacy program. They chose a VIP package and the surrogate was selected for them very quickly. I would advise you to visit Ukrainian clinics for preliminary consultation. If you need, I can tell you exactly which clinic my friends turned to. Contacting centers for reproductive medicine is the best option. I think you should not apply to private and independent surrogates. These women are not always healthy to bear and give birth to your baby. In addition, they are not always honest with you and can deceive you, and you will spend money in vain.