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  • Annette5 01-11-18 | 11:26 AM
  • You are welcome! I am glad to help people. That is why I try to share as much useful information for them as I can. I have pretty good life experience, so may help most of the people.
  • Collen 01-22-18 | 01:24 AM
  • Quote de Lisa03
    Hello, forum visitors!
    You know, I turned to IVF some time ago. It was not an easy decision for me and my husband. But it is the only way for us to become happy. I can’t make the family full. And my spouse said that it is not so big problem. And I agreed to try to change this situation. So, we chose several clinics to turn to. All the clinics are in different countries. We want to compare them and decide which of them would be better. As far as I know, all the IVF programs are the same. So the main points are doctors and conditions, price. Three weeks ago we visited one of them. This week we will visit one more clinic. So I am going to take some tests. It is very interesting for me, how this process is run. I am a bit worried. But if it is completely safe, so there is no need to be afraid of it. I hope that the results will be normal. I am ready to try as many times as it is needed. I am 45 and it is the only chance for me to become a mother. So any information about IVF is very useful for me. I know that I should be strong. My relatives help me and support me. So now I don’t hesitate and want to achieve the wanted results. I really want to be a mother. It is my dream to have a full family, so hope I will be able to make my husband the happiest father. IVF is a long and difficult period in my life. I hope that it worth it. I want to know more, so please tell me a bit. It is very important for me. Thank you.
    Hey Lisa! I hope you're doing fine. The fact that in recent times the technology in this field has improved massively, anything is possible! If one cannot conceive naturally there are so many other methods through which one can conceive. I am sure you've done a proper research on IVF treatment. The best thing about it is that both parents are genetically linked with the baby. It also allows you to experience the parenthood in the best way possible! Therefore, I would recommend that you definitely go for it. My friend just got an IVF treatment from a clinic in Ukraine. She told me it was really good and inexpensive as well, which for her was a big factor. Thus, I would suggest you to research up on it as well. Other than that best of luck! I hope everything goes perfectly! Do keep us updated.
  • evapeter 01-24-18 | 11:35 AM
  • Hey guys, hope u all r doing great. I am exceptionally keen about the ladies wellbeing and particularly their prosperity of regenerative framework. I have seen numerous issues of ladies with respect to their fruitlessness and the vast majority of them endure gloom because of their infertility. Be that as it may, trust me its not as much large as the vast majority of the ladies think. All u require is to have confidence in God and their interest about the illness and treatment. I was having polycystic ovarian disorder and me and my better half attempted our well to experienced our circumstance. We were not having much credit then we got through a thought of IVF from Ukraine (Biotexcom) a fruitlessness based center. I figure anybody with confounded issues must counsel the facility.
  • evapeter 01-24-18 | 11:42 AM
  • Hi Lisa03 !! I hope you will be fine. I feel very sorry that you tried a lot of times to conceive but all in vain. Please dear never lose your hope and have faith in God. Its good to know that you have decided to have IVF. IVF is a very safe method and nothing is problematic in this technique. In this technique, external fertilization of egg and sperm takes place in laboratory conditions. After fertilization of egg, it is implanted into the female womb. There are no side effects of this procedure. My friends and I have also done this as we were having issues in conception. So, we decided to have IVF from a good clinic. Now I am having 2 cute girls. I think you must also go for it. Thanks.


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