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  • Celia_M 01-23-06 | 03:46 PM
  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow Leslie -

  • jjello 01-23-06 | 03:50 PM
  • Leslie, you go girl!!! I'm so glad everything's going well and hope you are comfortable and being waited on hand and foot.

    Hey, guess where I'm writing from - Milan Italy, I'm on a business trip. The one consolation for not getting knocked up - wasn't sure if I would've been able to do it if that were the case. Will have some time for sightseeing on Wed...

    Take care,
  • Missy M 01-23-06 | 05:42 PM
  • What a great busines trip Julie
    What do you do? Were you able to bring anyone with you, or are you solo? Have a great time. You missed out on a nice snow storm in Maine today. We've gotten 6-8 inches so far and is still snowing. Bet you wish you could be here (hehehe). Take care
  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 01-23-06 | 08:28 PM
  • Nice trip Julie
    What fun!! Leslie, I'm gald you are hanging in there...hope you can be comfortable!
  • jjello 01-24-06 | 03:32 AM
  • I design housewares and there is a big trade show here. I usually go to one international show a year to try to get new ideas and stay on top of trends, etc. It's fun, but I must say my feet and legs are killing me from the walking, LOL! And I'm in decent shape! It may sound odd but it's pretty physically demanding - with the jet lag and irregular meals it goes kind of hard on the body, which is why I thought I might not be up to it if I had been early in a pregnancy.

    DH mentioned the snow at home, although it sounds like we got a little less than you Missy.

    Well, I'm off for another day of walking. Take care,

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