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N.W. ANDROLOGY & home insemination

N.W. ANDROLOGY & home insemination

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  • crazyanimallady 02-04-08 | 09:26 PM
  • Hello, we have hit a road block in the process of trying/wanting to concieve. Our insurance has decided to NOT pay the dr. bills for the check ups or the blood work.. We were under the impression before we even started this with a donor that they would cover the testing, and office visits and we would cover the donor fee and insemination fees.. We are average people who do not have thousands of dollars to do this, we want a baby so badly it is almost making me sick daily now..So now that we owe the infertility clinic upwards of $2000 for the tests and office vivsits we can no longer afford to go any further with them ( we were only able to save $3000 for this ) I knew going into this that it can be expensive, we were trying to do the best we could..with what we had saved.. so now we are looking into a donor place that you can do yourself at home.. I know it is not the best way.. but my family DR. said he would be of as much help as he can in walking us through the process of doing it ourselves.. the cost for that is $350 with shipping per vial.. this i think we can afford at least 4 tries..although it is ICI and not the IUI we were hoping to do.. has anyone ever gone this route? And has anyone ever heard anything good/bad about the N.W. ANDROLOGY & CRYOBANK out of WA? thank you for any input
    I am so frustrated and heartbroken

  • Haylie Haylie's Avatar 02-04-08 | 10:19 PM
  • Sorry to hear the bad news.

    Talk to Tracy (Domesticgoddess) about at home ICI. This is how she conceived her beautiful little girl. If bloodwork, u/s monitoring etc. is out of the question, I strongly suggest you do BBT (temping) and use an OPK (ovulation predicting kit) to improve your chances. Will keep
    for early success!!
  • crazyanimallady 02-04-08 | 11:49 PM
  • thank you, I will try to contact her.. i am getting the bbt this weekend.. I have to do the ovulation tests daily because my ovulation is not regular.. my periods are regular but because I was on the depo so long my ovulations are not.. so i test daily ( which is rather expensive too.. ) trying to narrow it to within a week of knowing..this is just so darn heart wrenching.. you know i watch people who do not even want kids, or cant take care of them getting pregnant and wonder why? when we want a baby so badly ( and all of you ladies here ) and are having trouble with it.. just gets frustrating
  • pajamas 02-05-08 | 01:41 PM
  • I know how frustrated you feel. I wish you the best of luck. It is so heartwrenching to think of all the unwanted babies, and us all trying so hard to have one. The expense of it all just adds to the stress of trying to get pregnant. Hang out here, if you like. Besides doing the inseminations at home, we're pretty much all going through the same thing.
    Good luck!

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