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need your advice (IVF)

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  • Diana888 03-08-18 | 07:34 PM
  • I just hope that everything will be good. I am glad to help you. I understand how difficult it is. That is why I try to share as much useful information for them as I can. I have pretty good life experience, so may help such women as you are. Hope that you will be fine. God bless you!
  • Emilykingston 03-22-18 | 02:03 PM
  • Hello Lisa. I can understand the turmoil you and your husband are going through right now. I have been there several years ago too. Firstly, it is important that you do research on the most convenient place to get IVF or surrogacy.There are several clinics around the globe but there are few that are the best. Make sure the legal processes are completed. The clinic is considerate enough to guide you through the beginners level. As you said nobody wants to waste their money. My advice would be to chose a clinic that offers more than one attempts in the same budget. The clinic i consulted offered this and it was a relief honestly. It will be a great add-on. Also, as you asked about the things you should do and don't while IVF. Firstly, take as less stress as possible. It is the best thing you can do to your self. Then obviously eat healthy food and a balanced diet. Ask your doctor to make sure your body has all nutrition in the required amounts. Good luck.
  • chloe_berry 03-22-18 | 04:41 PM
  • Hi, dear,
    As much as I experienced, I will suggest you surrogacy is the best option. I married young and got pregnant within few months. I met an accident, due to which I had miscarriage. It directly affected my uterus. So my uterus was so weak to hold a baby. People suggested me IVF at that time. I thought it would be best and went through it directly. First IVF seemed to be successful but then I had to face failure in 10th week. I did not lose the heart and kept on trying. After four consecutive failures, I lost all hopes. Then one of my friend who recently had successful surrogacy experience referred me a well-famed clinic. I went there and had surrogacy treatment. After two unsuccessful cycles, I succeed in the third one. All the staff there was so corporative and friendly. Surrogate mother took care of my baby with great responsibility. So instead of going for IVF, you should give surrogacy a final chance.
  • DelanieVix 03-23-18 | 02:45 AM
  • I am glad that you have chosen to work on your infertility. There are couples who are reluctant to work on their infertility. To treat childlessness, IVF is quite common to deal with the issue and achieve the luxury of parenthood. I know, first things look harder from afar, but when you get to it, they are not difficult at all. Therefore, for choosing a clinic, you have to visit the clinic to ensure the specialists are skilled, the place is well equipped, and the nurses are professional. This all matters because the success of IVF also depends on how proficiently the process is carried out. Visit several clinics then chose. Do not just consider the reviews. It is an expensive process though, but there are clinic offering economical packages. Do the work and reap the fruit later.
    Wish you luck
  • DelanieVix 03-24-18 | 03:11 PM
  • Hey Lisa, I would suggest you research your options, what are your preferences. how much you can pay, so it all depends what you are looking for. There are clinics who are offering the FET at a very high cost. But there are clinics in various countries offering economical packages. Moreover, you must choose a clinic which has a higher rate of successful treatments. The doctors have to be very skilled at what they do. The staff consists of experienced with low rate f staff turn over. Most importantly the place must be equipped with the latest technology. As they would be carrying out the process and the success rate depends on how efficiently the technology works. The more advanced ART, the more are the success rates. I would suggest you explore your options, what suits your condition. But never compromise health over money. I wish you success.

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