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New to IVF

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  • Daleyza59 12-03-17 | 07:35 AM
  • Hi Tyra. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope IVF works out for you. The doctor's advice is quite normal. Most women are adviced to take birth control pillls prior to starting the IVF cycle. This is done for multiple purposes. First is to make sure your menstrual cycle becomes regular. Second reason is so that the clinic can time when they are ready to proceed with your IVF cycle. This is necessary because they have mutiple patients. This way they can make sure that too many patients aren't due for implantation or egg retrieval on the same day. The third reason is that by taking BC pills, your body gits rid of any unused follicles in the ovary. This is done so that when you are stimulated, these follicles don't turn into cysts. I hope this clears up the confusion. Let me know if you want more information. I woud be gad to help. Good luck!