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RE #2

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  • WestiesMA WestiesMA's Avatar 01-12-05 | 01:15 AM
  • Well, this appointment was MUCH better! This doctor listened to what I had to say, and believed me when I told her that my insurance company had paid for all the ultrasoudns and b/w last time. She made a point to write a note to her billing person to bill the insurance company.

    The last RE had doenean u/s and told me that my follicle count was low. This Re said that the scan should NOT have been done at the end of my cycle, like it had been, but should be done on CD3 or so. She agreed that this cycle's b/w indicated a cyst, and seemed surprised when I told her what the nurse had said.

    Today is CD25, so AF is due probably Friday or Saturday. If she shows Friday AM, I go in for an u/s and exam; if not then Monday. This RE said that since I seem to know what I am doing and have already done all of the b/w with the first RE, if I can get the sperm shipped to her office I can do IUI's this cycle (as long as that cyst is gone). She recommended the same protocol that worked last time, with double IUI's at 12 & 36 hours post-trigger. The only difference will be that I will be on Bravelle instead of Follistim, since Follistim is now only available in a sub-Q pen, and I want to do all shots IM. This is fine with me, since Bravelle is cheaper. The RE even had a coupon from the manufacturer for "Buy 20 vials, get 5 vials free" of Bravelle. The rep had been there earlier that day - talk about karma! They even have a pharmacy at the hospital that has prices comparable to Freedom Drug, so I can buy just what I need. She also wants to go with progesterone suppositories instead of the Prometrium I was on last time.

    So if I can make all of my phone calls, collect the paperwork, get the sperm shipped and AF cooperates, I will be in business this next cycle! I may have IUI's in late January or early February!!

    WOO HOO!!
  • marpar 01-12-05 | 02:00 AM
  • Rachel that sounds FANTASTIC!! Hoping you have success right away!! Good Luck!!

  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 01-12-05 | 03:23 AM
  • How exciting! Sounds like this RE is MUCH better.
    GOOD LUCK and hurry up,
  • StacyLynn 01-12-05 | 09:04 AM
  • Good Luck Rachel! You sound so positive - that is great!
    that everything goes your way for this cycle.
  • smking17 01-12-05 | 09:47 AM
  • Glad to hear the great news! I also think this RE is very responsive and willing to work with you. Good luck with everything!


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