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Retrieval Monday 12/05

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  • jjello 12-03-05 | 11:41 AM
  • Tonight is my LAST SHOT (the trigger) and I can't believe I made it this far! I am starting to get really excited! Tomorrow we'll drive down to the house of my oldest and dearest friends, which is where I used to live about an hour south of Boston . We'll be staying with them for the retrieval and the transfer, which I think will be Thursday. If it's not too late and I feel OK (mentally) we'll probably drive back to Maine on Thursday.

    I'm a litttle nervous about my eggs - at my u/s yesterday there were fewer than before, and I feel less pressure on my ovaries, but maybe that's 'cause they're not actually producing eggs any more, just hanging out with what they've got??? (nice rationalization, eh?) The clinic doesn't seem concerned though so I just have to go with the flow and let them be in charge.

    I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post this week, but I want to thank everyone (again!) for their support - I don't know how I would've gotten through this without you all. And I'm wishing us all luck, luck, luck!!!!
  • StacyLynn 12-03-05 | 01:37 PM
  • Don't you worry about anything but safely transporting your little eggies Sweetie! We'll all be here supporting you in spirit, waiting for your return with egg-cellent news!! It's almost clear sailing now that you're done with your stim shots, except for those @$%# PIO shots. You'll probably start them on Tuesday? I started mine the day after ER.

    Here's my hint to almost painless PIO shots (just my experience): Our routine is at 6:45 dh places this little 4" x 6" ice pack thing on the location to be shot (we switch sides every night) and ice it for 15 minutes while I'm warming the PIO in my bra. Then at 7:00 I draw it up and he does the shot while I'm laying face down on the bed. Then he band-aids it and puts a heating pad on it and rubs for a few minutes. I swear this was the part I was MOST afraid of and we've got it so down, my silly dh even says "a little stick" just before he does it like he thinks he's a medical professional!
    And I know the crap is getting in there okay because I just had my blood level checked and it was great.

    I wish you much success next week, and can't wait to hear how it went!!
    I'll be waiting on the edge of my computer seat.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 12-03-05 | 02:23 PM
  • Julie! Only two more days. Boy it seems like it's taken forever to get here for you! Stacy's PIO method sounds good but we just went for it and after about three days just did it myself looking in a mirror. I didn't like the idea of ice because the junk is oil and I thought it wouldn't absorb as well and I had trouble with that because my butt WAS boney. It could take about a shot an hour now it's so big. I have to get the double wide wheelchair now. Hehhee. Anyway, I'm so excited for you. DON'T YOU DARE do too much on Thursday or I will get out of this bed and come out there and throttle you.
    You have to take it easy after your transfer. Good luck, hope for nice sunny skys and fantastic eggs. L
  • jjello 12-03-05 | 04:48 PM
  • You two are going to be mighty PO'd to hear it (just kidding) but the progesterone is all in supps. And that's where the drug trial part comes in. After the transfer I get randomly chosen to take either: 1) the test drug, an "effervescent" tablet called Endometrin, or 2) Crinone, a gel. If I wind up with the Endometrin I have to keep a brief diary. I don't need to do a single I/M shot, even tonight's trigger is subQ. I am so relieved - at least half of my fabulous mood today is due to the fact that this is my last shot, LOL!

    Does anyone know why some clincs do shots and some do supps? Those shots sound pretty rugged!

    This IVF-at-a-distance is downright funny sometimes. Yesterday I was told that I would get a phone call today telling me when to do the trigger. I was running errands this morning and when I got home I had a long message which was something like a cross between "you've won the lottery" and Charlie calling his Angels to give them an assignment. It was very cute - the nurse said "NO more lupron, NO more Bravelle, NO more Menopure, you are ALL DONE with those!" and you could her her smiling (so was I). I was given my retrieval time and then I was instructed to take the trigger at EXACTLY 9PM, and then tomorrow to call another number with a pre-recorded message which will give me further instructions and a web-site address where I will need to do some "homework". What a riot!

    OK, one last funny thing - two people have asked me if DH was coming with me to Boston!
    That totally cracks me up!!!!

    See you,
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 12-03-05 | 05:32 PM
  • That is funny. My dh didn't come on the fet! I got pg without him even in the same state. Ha! Lucky girl no PIO's!! I did shots AND supps. The supps I did were very gross and messy and stupid. But hey, who cares now. I've totally forgotten the whole med/shot gross panties part. Now it's just the sweaty bed part.
    Good luck. I'm very excited. L

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