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  • Saira Saira's Avatar 12-03-07 | 12:09 AM
  • TNBabyRN- Thanks for still checkin in on us. Glad that baby is doing well.

    Cathy- I don't have a long commute, and only have to find a babysitter for our IUI's, but even that is so much more of a struggle now. I can't even imagine how you manage it.

    I think the biggest suprise for me this go is just how emotionally trying it has been. I honestly thought in the begining that this would be no big deal. That it would work quickly and if it didn't i'd be fine with it. But boy was I wrong.

    I too wish we had a few more people here. I remember ttc#1 that this place seemed absolutly packed.

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  • pajamas 12-03-07 | 02:44 PM
  • I seem to 'crash' harder each month when af starts (I don't poas). I, too, thought it would be easier. I also feel a little guilty because I have a beautiful daughter, and feel bad that I don't think she's 'enough'. I really want siblings for her. I have 2 sisters, and I just don't want her to grow up alone.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-03-07 | 09:36 PM
  • I am still here too! I am no longer ttc, but I do have a success story of DI. My little DI baby is now 4!
  • Phalene Phalene's Avatar 12-03-07 | 10:57 PM
  • I'm still here also, no longer TTC. My son is 6 now and my daughter is 4
  • SnowboardingMommy SnowboardingMommy's Avatar 12-21-07 | 09:23 PM
  • I lurk here once every few months or so. Just wanted to say hi. I used to post here fanatically years ago. We tried DITTC via IUI's and IVF with many BFN's and losses and ultimately went back to our original plan of adopting. Since 2004 we have been blessed with 3 girls (seems like a December tradition!), ages 3, 2, and 1!!