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So guess what? Wow!

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  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 08-08-06 | 01:02 PM
  • It is weird huh? Missy! I'm SOOOO hoping for twins. I didn't want to say anything because that's a lot more work for you and we did agree you'd have final say how many go back but holy cow would that be so awesome. Dh is already starting to sweat with the idea of twins. He had a "serious" talk with me last night about my plan to make any money in the future. HA! It was so cute. He's so easy goin'. He looks all stressed out then I tell him everything is going to be fine and it will all be super great and he just goes "oh, ok" then he's back to normal. Wish I had that gene! Anyway, I just can't believe all this might work out. At first I got 15% excited that it might work and now I'm up to around 47%. Wouldn't it be fun to all sit in anticipation for the 2ww? I think dh & I are going to stay in Boston until we find out. We'd just be going crazy. It's great that Missy has twin juju! Now we just have to find an egg donor that is tall with dark hair and light eyes. PS Missy you are so pretty we would of LOVED your eggs but I know how you feel, it would be way hard to see your baby leaving. You got to think about that too because Carly was a donor egg and I think I would try to kill anyone that left with her. I guess if you know all along it would be easier but still! You are an angel. I just still can't believe it. Hey, by the way, BONNIE!! You are soooo close. I just can't wait to hear.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 08-08-06 | 01:05 PM
  • So what do you guys think about this? We had an anomynos donor with Carly but I totally figured out who she is. She's an artist and has just graduated from art school and has a job sculpting in a park in MN. I'm betting it can't be too lucrative. Would it be way too creepy of me to contact her and ask if she'd do it again? We could bring her to Boston with us. I know I'm a freak to figure out who she was but I had too much time on my hands in the hospital and one too many clues so..... what do you think?
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 08-08-06 | 03:11 PM
  • Well Sherlock, that would be cool that Carly could actually have a brother/sister that was of her genes! I think that would be cool. So would you approach her? or how would you have to do that? Go thru the clinic? man that would be soooo cool if she would donate again, that would be great. Good luck you two and bring on the twins!!!
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 08-08-06 | 03:32 PM
  • Leslie and Missy, thats great about your news. I live 20 minutes from Boston, let me know when you guys come and Ava and I would love to meet you both. That is so wonderful you guys have found each other.. Leslie, I would love to be a donor if you needed one.
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 08-08-06 | 03:40 PM
  • What? That would be WAY TOO MUCH! Ok, so Diane is my donor and MIssy is our oven! Could you guys even take it? Diane, I'll keep it in mind. We only have 3,000 to offer for eggs. How old are you, how many did you get?, etc... 20 minutes from Boston? Wow. Our friends are in Monson, where we plan on staying when we come out. We'd LOVE to meet Ava too. Boy, this is all just blowing my mind!

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