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  • jjello 11-19-05 | 01:52 PM
  • Hi guys,

    Well I am clear to go ahead and start the stims tonight. My right ovary is still enlarged, and there's some fluid and a large either follicle or cyst(!) in it, but it sounds like I have about three follicles on that side and five on the other. Here goes!

    In spite of the good news I still had the blackest day yesterday. When I drove home I didn't know yet whether I'd be able to cycle, I was worried about the cyst/follicle, and then I became convinced that there was no way this was ever going to work anyway. But today I feel better and am just doing what I need to do. What will be will be.

    This morning DH figured out all the med mixing instructions for me - he was pretty cute and I'm so grateful for his help. I just get kind of freaked out, and then I can't concentrate.

    Anyway, hope you're all doing well. Stacy, do you go for a follicle check soon? My next will be the day before Thanksgiving.

    OK, time to get some stuff done around this house!
  • lkeim lkeim's Avatar 11-19-05 | 02:34 PM
  • Julie! You're doing great. Try not to worry. You can have a black day here and there but not after the transfer! You'll be so excited anyway. I'm so happy for you that you even get to do this. It wasn't too long ago we weren't sure so see!! Must be meant to be for some reason. (bfp)!! Hang in there girl. Tday is coming up fast. Leslie
  • bonnie bonnie's Avatar 11-21-05 | 01:13 PM
  • Julie-Sorry about the headaches-it is part of the process I'm far as black days go, I think it could be hormonal too...combo of hormones and stress
    ...Leslie is right that after the transfer you'll be hopeful and excited!
  • jjello 11-21-05 | 05:41 PM
  • Thanks guys, it helps so much to know you've all been through this. The headaches are a little worse today, but I was doing some dusty work yesterday so it could be a bit of sinus. Anyway, nothing horrendous.

    Did anyone find the stims made you thirsty? I thought I read somewhere that it's important to drink water since the follies are using up fluid, but I've felt thirsty from day one, which seems too soon. I'm only on day 3 - is it just my over-active imagination?

    Stacy, how are you doing? Are you feeling OK? Tomorrow will be CD #9 for you won't it? How many ultrasounds have you had? Do you have even more follies? Questions, questions! :-)

    Bonnie, I read your post about your lining and retrieval date - I certainly can't offer any advice but I hope you are able to get it all sorted out and please keep us posted. That was interesting what Glinda said about the patterns....

  • StacyLynn 11-21-05 | 10:57 PM
  • Hi Julie,
    Sorry you're having such bad headaches, I can relate - they $uck. I guess you're doing good with your shots though, huh?! Very proud of you! lol Keep me updated on your follies!

    **Warning - Downer part of the post**
    Yup, cd9 tomorrow (very good!) today is my 7th day of stims. I've been pretty depressed the last few days as well. I cried all the way home from my u/s on Saturday. Just feeling like this isn't going to work, I'm never gonna have my own baby, why me, blah blah blah

    There's only like 8 follies in there and I was disappointed. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard sometimes, like Bonnie said the hormones are probably not helping my mood. I'm probably going to have my ER on Friday so that's good. Won't interfere with Turkey day. Hope I didn't bum you out! I started a post like this the other day and then deleted it because it was too depressing! But I had to get it out.

    Talk to ya later...

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