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worried about typing this my hex me

worried about typing this my hex me

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  • onespermy 12-16-04 | 07:55 PM
  • Okay everyone be happy for me finals are over and school is out for a month. Well I'm scared to type this because I may hex myself as of yesturday I have felt like I hav etwo watermelons on my chest they don't hurt but feel very heavy not al all normal for me. The other weird thing is that my father had surgery today and my mother wanted me to go back and see him before he when under the knife. Well I was only able to stay two minute before I felt like I was going to pass out my mom says I turned as white as a sheet. every time i have tried a cycle I have cramping and so far nothing infact for days I have had no sign I was doing anything. I'm 9 dpiui so I have awhile to go before I will test. I'm afraid my head is playing tricks on me and is making e get postive to be let down.

    OH and I was hit with a big boom today my doctor is moving to another state in two months. I freeking out what if I am pg and I don't have a doctor that know how to deal with high risk pregnancies. My other doctor only does normal pgs not one that my have me have my cervix sewen up. WEll as my mother told me lets cross the bridge when we get to it so I guess I will have ot just hope that GOD is watching out for me.

    I just wanted you all to know what i'm doing
    love ya chrisitna
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 12-16-04 | 08:39 PM
  • Christina, I hope that everything you're feeling or not feeling are positive signs. Everything will fall into place and you will find a dr that you feel comfortable with.

    Hang tight.

    P.S. How is your father?
  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 12-16-04 | 09:54 PM
  • Keeping everything crossed for you as always!
  • onespermy 12-16-04 | 11:44 PM
  • man I'm a losing it big time yes my father is doing great he has to stay in the hospital for four day but he will be home for Christmas. He is really not dealing well with being in the hospital because this is his first time having surgery and the fact that he is missing sean graduation. Sean= DH but sean said he would go see him.

    Well i hope everyone is doing well.
  • marpar 12-17-04 | 01:43 AM
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh Christina it sounds Promising!! I will keep praying for you that those are positive signs and you will have a BFP very soon!! Hope your father is better soon too!

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