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Worried already??

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  • MariahsMommy 04-27-06 | 09:21 PM
  • I haven't even technically begun my TTC journey, but I already worry about fertility problems. Is this normal? I mean, I have had some close calls because of unprotected sex, and never got preg., but the rest of the time I have always tried to prevent a preg.
    My periods are normal, I am relatively healthy, and the only thing ever seen on a pelvic ultrasound was an ovarian cyst, which from research I have found thats pretty normal. Yet I still worry I will be one who struggles. Am I just a worrywart or is this something everyone thinks about when TTC (either the 'natural' way or via DI)
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 04-28-06 | 01:25 PM
  • I think that worrying about that is totally normal. I think you will do absolutely fine!
  • SnowboardingMommy SnowboardingMommy's Avatar 04-28-06 | 02:52 PM
  • Holly, I think it's totally normal to worry. However I, on the other hand, never once worried before we started because I thought I'd be the most fertile woman this side of the Mississippi. Boy was I wrong..... Once I discovred that I had fibroids, had an ectopic,had a m/c, etc. I never stopped worrying. But all my worry was for nothing 'cause my prayers were answered with adoption which I feel was my destiny all along.

    Cysts are totally normal and nothing to worry about. I can't wait to hear your TTC adventures!! I hope the first one works for you!