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Your thoughts needed on research trial.

Your thoughts needed on research trial.

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  • rsmit02 rsmit02's Avatar 10-16-05 | 04:21 PM
  • Hi guys,

    As I said in my post a few days ago we have been asked to consider being part of an IVF trail I will post the relevent parts of the information we have been given so you guys can tell me what you think.

    "We would like to invite you to invite you to participate in a research project comparing single versus dowble embryo transfer during IVF. The most serious complication of IVF is the high rate of multiple pregnancies and this risk is related to the number of embryos put back in the womb. In the UK where a maximum of 2 embryos are replaced a quater of all pregnancies are twins. Women who are younger and in their 1st or 2nd cycles of treatment face an even higher risk.

    The only effective way to minimise twin pregnancies in IVF is to replace a single embryo rather than 2. The proposal is that you undergo a full medicated IVF cycle and 1 embryo is transfered, all other embryos which are of a suitable quality will be frozen and replaced in the womb at a later date one at a time, recent research in Scandanavia has shown that replacing 1 embryo in multiple transfers gives success rates on par with 2 embryos in fewer cycles"

    So basically we are entitled to here in the UK 2 full medicated IVF cycles then 1 embryo tansfer. But if we participate in this study will we get 2 IVF and multiple embryo transfers if we have embryos to freeze.

    What do you guys think should we participate? We dont have to we could go for the usual 2 embryos put back. I have done an internet search for information and the research out there does show that 1 IVF with 2 ebryos put back and 1 IVF then 2/3 single embryo transfers are equally effective. Part of me would like twins, though part of me would prefer the lower risks of a singleton.

  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 10-16-05 | 05:17 PM

    It sounds great! I would keep researching to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects; if someone were to offer ME free IVF, I do it in a second. Good luck!
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-16-05 | 10:06 PM
  • JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET!! That sounds awesome!!
  • Celia_M 10-17-05 | 10:13 AM

    from the IVF boards - (I cycled at St Jimmys in Leeds back in Jan/Feb). Just wanted to wish you the very best with your cycle whichever route you decide to go Ruth!
    I really hope it becomes irrelevant which option you took on your first cycle.

  • AMomInLove AMomInLove's Avatar 10-17-05 | 12:51 PM
  • I would definitely participate since it gives you more opportunities for success! All it takes is one to get pg and your goal should be a healthy baby (not multiples - believe me the risks like they say ARE high)...


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