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Anyone else planning to not find out the sex?

Anyone else planning to not find out the sex?

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  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 08-26-07 | 09:56 PM
  • I can barely stand to think about going through this whole pregnancy without knowing what we're having, but we're actually going to try!!

    After we had Keller, since then we had one child of each sex, Josh got me to agree that with the next pregnancy, we wouldn't find out what sex the baby was until delivery.

    So, as torturous as it will be, we're going to try to avoid finding out until we have these babies!

    I can't imagine how exciting and fun it will be when they come, especially with it being 2 babies! (Nor can I imagine how I'm going to deal with having to wait so long to know!)

    Anyone else waiting to find out?
  • wantabelly wantabelly's Avatar 08-26-07 | 10:03 PM
  • We didn't find out with Ava, but want to this time around. It was a great surprise at the moment of birth to find out the sex, but we really want to know this time around to see if Ava will have a brother or sister and just to better prepare ourselves.

    Do you know if you are having identical or fraternal twins?
  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 08-26-07 | 10:07 PM
  • They are likely identical. I have an in-depth ultrasound coming up this week after which we will possibly know for sure.

    You're in the medical field, aren't you? I thought you mentioned something about your patients in another post?

    The ultrasound this week is to check amnionicity. Are you familiar with it and the implications at all? I've been doing a ton of research ~ just curious about your background in medicine!
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 08-26-07 | 10:17 PM
  • I found out with Ben and I plan to find out with this baby if I can, I would really just like to know if I need pink or if I can dig out all his boy clothes, it would just make it easier... I give credit to anyone who is able to wait that long and not find out!
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 08-26-07 | 10:35 PM
  • Nope, not enough willpower here.