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  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 07-06-08 | 12:11 AM
  • Is anyone else charting their BBT? I'm using fertilty friend. I was just wondering if anyone else was doing it, it kind of makes me nervous because I am afraid that I'll wake up and take it one morning and it will be below the cover. I guess I'm just neurotic, I POAS once a day too, just "to see"....LOL I guess after all the losses I just want to check on my baby constantly! Oh goodness, I'm a nervous wreck!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-07-08 | 02:11 PM
  • I didn't chart my temps for the last few months but I've charted for years.

    And everyone knows that I'm the sitting president of the POAS Pushers Club so you KNOW I'm still POAS every other day. Wednesday, after we see a heartbeat (
    ), I'll try to stop testing. :bag;