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Default can't decide (still)

DH and I are not in agreement about sleeping arrangements for the baby. Ok, that's not totally true---he just keeps saying that he and his sister each had their own rooms and we don't have enough bedrooms for that (duh?) I was an only child and had my own room too, but I have realized this plan won't work in a 3br home with 3 kids.

Anyway, when the baby first comes home, he will sleep in our room in a bassinet. We'll probably do this until he's sleeping pretty well through the night. After that, my idea is to put the baby in with our oldest (Josh). Here's why...
1 Josh is a sound sleeper, and wouldn't be awakened by every noise the baby made.
2) josh can be told to get up quietly without waking the baby and would do that.
3) Josh and Matthew each have their own toys, and we tell them if there is a toy they don't want the other to play with, they should put it in their room. This wouldn't work if the older boys shared a room.
4) Josh has the bigger room right now.
5) Josh wouldn't put contraband items in the baby's crib while we were sleeping, and matthew might!

Dh was the older sibling and I get the impression that Josh should get his own room because he's older. Eventually (like in the next 5 years), we plan to add on to our house and each child would have his own room. I feel like that gives us plenty of time for Josh to have his own room.

Who is right?
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I have my 9, 6, and 5 year old boys in the same room and my daughter has her own room and the baby will be in our room until we try to get a four bedroom house, which I hope in the next year or so.
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Your idea seems to be the most thought about. If i was in your stuation, the baby would be put with the oldest to minimize danger and to minimize fighting between the other boys.!
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We put Danielle in her own room and Michael and Rachel are sharing, until Danielle is sleeping soundly through the night or we get a bigger house. I will eventually have the girls sharing, but that is because they are girls, and Michael being the only boy will get his own room. I think you have thought this out and you are right. Dh's idea is an "ideal" but being the oldest should entitle Josh to things that are not in the best intrest of a harmonious family. Ooh that sounded kind of good, tell Dh that.
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Mommies are always right on this stuff!!!


Tell hubby that it isn't him reliving his experiences, it's making great adjustments for your entire family!
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