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Christmas plans?

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  • 3Princes 12-22-09 | 03:39 PM
  • What'cha doing for Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate this year? Do you have to cook and stuff, or is someone else taking care of all of that for you?
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 12-22-09 | 04:17 PM
  • Uggh. DH and I decided to host Christmas dinner this year. Our families live close by and we were sick of trekking from one house to the other on every holiday. SOmehow we still have to get to both houses on Christmas eve!
Thank you teddybear1082!
3Princes (12-22-09)
  • miss.mizer 12-22-09 | 05:08 PM
  • im going to my grandparents. we only see each other thanksgiving and christmas even tho we all live within hours of each other, its pretty sad if you ask me. we usually just do the present swap and grandma deals with the food (picks up the phone and orders it lol) i hate the drive, its forever away in the sticks but im excited to see the whole family.
Thank you miss.mizer!
3Princes (12-22-09)
  • stephjbme4 12-22-09 | 09:25 PM
  • We are having christmas at our house and mu hubby's family are bringing food since I cooked for thanksgiving I really don't want to cook at all this time. Of course my parents want to come at a different time so I told then if thwy don't want to come with my hubby family comes then fine but I am not making food.
  • 3Princes 12-22-09 | 11:05 PM
  • We are having Christmas Eve here. I'll make ham, potato casserole, wedding soup, and a bunch of other stuff.

    For Christmas day, we'll go to the in-laws. They only live maybe 15 mins away.

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