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This Doesn't Help the Blood Pressure

This Doesn't Help the Blood Pressure

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  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 12-16-07 | 02:49 AM
  • Okay, so on Wednesday night DH had some chest pains, and we didn't think anything of it, we thought that it was just heartburn or something like that, and he felt fine on Thursday and Friday, so he went to work as normal.

    This morning, he woke up again and had the same pains, so he decided to go to the walk in clinic and get checked out. They did an EKG and a Chest Xray which was normal but they also did blood work, he made an appt to see the doctor again on Tuesday for the results unless the doctor called him before then.

    Fast Forward about 3 hours to 2pm, and the doctor calls Denny, tells him something, and then asks to speak to his wife and proceeds to tell me he is sending an ambulance for my husband to take him to the hospital, because the troponin levels on his blood test are elevated which could mean a possible heart attack or numerous other things.

    So DH went to the hospital, he can still walk and talk and all of that, so hopefully there is some weird explanation for this, my SIL came over and so did my best friend...and stayed with me till just a bit ago and told me that I should try and rest, of course I can't...

    Anyway, they are keeping DH in the hospital at least over night and probably all day tommorrow because the levels keep rising, not sure if this is normal??? He is hooked up to the ECG, and been given blood thinners, oxygen, and man, I am trying to remember everything else that he told me on the phone...and they are taking his blood for numerous tests but to keep track of that troponin thing...

    They said that right now he is a mystery to them, as he is in good shape, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, exercises yah, I am sitting here still freaking out, at least I got Benjamin to sleep...although I just feel like a wreck....and like I said, not helping the blood pressure, which I was told to relax at my appt the headaches have been in full swing, along with the lightheadness/dizziness...

    Anyway, so now that everyone went home, I am supposed to try and sleep, of course that isn't going to happen, cuz I am still freaking out here, I can see him at 10am tommorrow, when visiting hours are, so I will go for then...but if you can just keep DH in your thoughts and hope that all is okay with him and they figure out what is causing this, that would be great, so I don't know if I will be around or not for the next little bit...between taking care of Benjamin, DH and trying to get some rest myself.. but thought I would give you all an update if you have read this far!!! Thanks!
  • baby hungry 12-16-07 | 02:59 AM
  • Farah, I am so terribly sorry!!!! Please try and stay calm for your own health. He is getting great care with good doctors who will figure this out.

    Praying for answers and healing asap.

    Last edited by baby hungry; 12-17-07 at 01:56 AM..
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 12-16-07 | 03:38 AM


    the good news in all of this is that if it is a problem with the heart, they're on top of it and that's great. I'm sure they're being cautious and that's a good thing too.

    Try and get some rest, you're really in need of it right about now.

  • 3Princes 12-16-07 | 09:50 AM
  • OMG Farah!
    I hope they can figure out what's wrong with him and get him all fixed up.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 12-16-07 | 10:23 AM
  • OMG!

    I will keep my htoughts on you guys and hope they figure out something soon...


    any updates today?

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