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Baby Corner Message Board > Pregnancy Message Boards > January - March Due Date Club "How do you expect to grow a baby on that crap?"

"How do you expect to grow a baby on that crap?"

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Old 10-07-08, 01:36 PM
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i do that for snacks inbetween meals. i have managed to gain 4 pounds by vomiting..didnt know that vomiting could make me gain weight...but thats what i am telling myself
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Old 10-07-08, 03:39 PM
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If it was at noon when you had this conversation, I'd think you were doing just fine. Or maybe this is why I gain less then 20 lbs. With Christine I only gained 15 and felt very healthy. I eat well and don't put any white flour, white sugar or junk food into me and it seems to be what my body does naturally.

I guess it depends though on if you are eating white bread or a good whole wheat/grain bread with substance and nutritional value. (I have a great recipe if you'd like to try it. Its very fast for homemade whole grain bread and its yummy! Larissa could hook you up with a fabulous recipe that takes a little longer, but is lighter) On your turkey sandwich was there just a slice or two of turkey on white bread or was it a nice sandwich with whole grain bread, 3-4 slices of turkey, a slice of cheese and maybe some lettuce, tomato or a slice of avocado on it?

I've been boiling some eggs and keeping them in the refrigerator for a quick fix. Adding a boiled egg or two to your breakfast of milk and toast would be perfect. Or scramble up some eggs. I'm sure your girls would love it! I really like the no hormones omega 3 eggs. They are so yummy!

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Old 10-07-08, 04:17 PM
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Thanks, Laura. My sandwich was wheat bread, a little bit of turkey, and a little bit of light mayo.

I do try to have eggs a few mornings/week but I don't always have the time. I'm making an effort to add protein to my breakfast because I get nausea if I don't.
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Old 10-07-08, 06:54 PM
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I wish I could help, but I'm in the same boat. Except I like junk food too.
For example, today:
Breakfast a sandwich bag of dry frosted mini wheats and green tea on the way to work.
Lunch was some corn chips, and a bite of a PB and J that I decided was gross and threw away.
And so far dinner has been a bowl of homeade broccoli soup (lowfat of course) and a couple of bites of a turkey sandwich.
I might have a bowl of cereal before bed.

And I can't eat anything else! I put a lot of things up to my mouth and take a bite but end up throwing it away because it's gross to me or doesn't taste right or whatever.
Every now and then I'll sneak a high protein Boost in mid-morning.
I guess we'll see about weight gain on Friday!

If you figure anything out let me know!
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Old 10-08-08, 02:32 PM
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first of boo hoo your doctor couldve really fraced that a different way.

I got my recipes from my doctors office they give u a book on what u should eat and what u shouldnt eat and it has a ton of recipes....

In the morning I have a cup of orange juice I scramble one egg and turkey bacon...

about an hour after that I eat some yogurt and fruits.

for lunch I make it the heaviest meal because if dinner is my heaviest I wont sleep....

I always try to precook or pre leave things in my frige the night before

lunch I will have a small serving of mashed potatoes some small meat like chicken, turkey(meatloaf pot roast)
and If it wasnt to filling I make a shake whether its vanilla chocolate or fruit......

I space an hour after that and have a small snack again sometimes I even eat like doritos, sun chips(all from the healthy food side)

dinner is were I try to get all my veggies in

Im including some websites here that I find helpful when I cook my foods
hopefully you do to

the websites are:

one of my favorites~~~~>



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