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Lola's Pics

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  • holly302 08-28-07 | 12:40 PM
  • the picture before the 3D ones is a clear shot of her girlie parts...can you guys see them? i know it is hard because i can't get the pics better, but there is a white arrow pointing to what looks like 3 tiny lines or tiny dots..and underneath the tech typed, "princess"

    Jen- no, i didn't know they did 3D that early. but, they did the 2D and then they switched it to 3D so we can wasn't all that easy because i am still earlier along.
  • wantabelly wantabelly's Avatar 08-28-07 | 09:25 PM
  • great pics holly, esp. the one of her sucking her thumb! So precious! I am still trying to figure out the orientation of the one with the 3 lines, but I definitely do see the 3, so it sure is a girl!