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more tmi stuff

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  • 3Princes 12-17-09 | 10:23 PM
  • Now that Beth broke the ice with the other thread, (which is how my dd group gabbed all the time when I was pg with Matthew) I'm going ask something else...

    How are you doing "upkeep" down there now that you can't see what you're doing? DH offered to help me out but for some reason that whole idea grosses me out.

    Also, now that you are getting so big, is there still
    going on?

    Feel free to ignore these questions, but we do need to find ways to amuse ourselves in these final days of pregnancy.
  • miss.mizer 12-17-09 | 10:54 PM
  • i was just on another one of my sites i go to and a lady burnt her vajay with the veet hair removal cream lol. ive never trusted any of those types of products. i just use a mirror and shave like normal. it takes alot more moving around but it gets the job done.( i feel huge but noone believes me when i say im about to deliever in a couple weeks, so i must not be as huge as i feel,and they think im carrieing a boy). me and DH still do 'the deed', not near as much as usuall,about once twice a week. ( i dont know how he stands to see me naked anymore honestly lol i hate looking at myself in a mirror) but it doesnt bother him at all and the doctor says itll help move things along and with the 6 week wait afterwards the doctor said to fit it in as much as possiable haha.
  • 3Princes 12-17-09 | 11:04 PM
  • Right now, I am having serious grooming issues. I keep telling dh that I'm going to french braid the area or something.

    As far as
    we haven't been lately. I know that it does move things along though so I'm going to start hitting him up for some action when the new year comes and I'm full term. I'm just so big (and people are telling me the same thing- that I don't look that big) that there's no comfortable position that doesn't require too much work on my part.
  • miss.mizer 12-18-09 | 12:03 AM
  • im just always tired, so when he starts getting fresh i just wanna push him off sometimes. when Hes at work hell send me text messages pretty much asking permission if we can or not, more times then not just wanna say no but tell him if he brings me home a milkey way or butterfinger ( chocolate is my favorite thing in the world since ive been preg ) that ill think about it, and he gets what he wants and i get what i want lol.. i know what you mean about not finding a comfortable position,its so hard when you can barley even roll over, i guess im lucky he doesnt last very long haha!
  • stephjbme4 12-18-09 | 12:31 AM
  • I still do what I can down there pretty much blind, not the best idea but I tried doing it with a mirror and it kept fogging up and holding it with one hand while trying to shave with the other was not working for me. My hubby did ask if he could offer some help but I just feel better doing it myself, soo I just do what I can and I figure it is better than nothing! As for doing the nasty I am still doing it everyday unless he is tired sometimes we skip a day or two! Girls have you tried doinh from the side that way your just laying on your side like you do when you sleep and he just gets some from behind

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