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My little update

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  • 3Princes 08-28-09 | 09:25 PM
  • Sorry ladies, I am still having some computer problems and have to get a new a/c adapter before all will be well again.

    I'm getting ready to start school at a new building in my district. It's been stressful but overall the move will be a good one for me. I am going to have some challenges this year but I feel good about them so that's good.

    I still hadn't really felt the baby move on Monday at 19 weeks and so I called and they had me come in. The doctor said i have an anterior placenta so that's why I probably dont feel it as much. She did a 10 second u/s just to show me that he was moving ok. I felt much better and have felt a few more reassuring twinges since. I go for my "big ultrasound" next Thursday. I keep thinking she's going to tell me it's a girl. Not really though, because I think I really did see boy parts.

    Anyway, things are going along fast. I will be 20 weeks on Monday. I can't believe it's halfway over. When I think about it, January really isn't that far away!

    Hope all is well with everyone. Thinking of you often!
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 08-29-09 | 06:02 AM
  • sounds like you will have a few busy weeks ahead Jeanne, it will keep you occupied LOL glad you were reassured with the scan and soon you will be posting about how junior is kicking you in the kidneys, ribs etc...
    its going so fast
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 08-29-09 | 12:32 PM
  • So glad you are doing well! Good luck with the start of school!
  • osrasi osrasi's Avatar 08-29-09 | 07:45 PM
  • Jeanne - That's funny because my doctor just told me the same thing about my placenta. He can never find the h/b at my regular appts but I know the baby is fine but still says I might have to go for a routine u/s (I dread that because I don't have enough time for regular day to day stuff)

    I'm only a week ahead and I have started to feel more movement but not near what I felt with the others.

    Good luck on your big u/s next week I know I felt better after that one.

    Take Care !
  • 3Princes 08-29-09 | 08:35 PM
  • My baby's heartbeat is always wayyyyy down low, and was with both the boys too (are you having a boy?-- did i miss that post?) It's at the way bottom- almost in my "private area" as my kids would say.

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