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my whine

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  • holly302 01-13-08 | 02:39 AM
  • well ladies,

    i am no longer waiting for labor to begin. i have come to realize that she will never be born...she has decided to take up permanent residence inside my uterus.
    i know, it probably sounds foolish to you (even more so to those who went past their due dates with their previous pregnancies) but i really thought that i would deliver her early like her brother. just my luck, i go on bedrest and heavy duty meds at 22 weeks, then given mag sulfate at 35 weeks and now i am a few hours from 37 weeks and no real signs of labor yet. if anything, my contractions are not as frequent as when i was ON preterm labor meds! oh, the injustice! (this is my dramatic side showing)
    so, i am desperatly trying not to think about it too much...and i am grateful that at least i am not on bedrest anymore...but it is hard when i get phones calls 24/7 asking if i am in labor yet...and each time i have to tell them, no, not yet and i will call you as soon as i do.

    this is goofy..i shouldnt be moping. i am very lucky to have come this far. i am just throwing a little pity party for myself. i know.
    thanks for reading this...i would go crazy if i didnt have you all!

    have i mentioned that i think she weighs about 30 pounds now?
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 01-13-08 | 02:46 AM


    Sorry there is no action yet. I am sure that she will be here soon Holly. Just think, she is gaining some extra weight, so she isn't so fragile when she is born. Plus, you get to keep the rest of us company, so we aren't miserable alone!
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 01-13-08 | 07:53 AM

    sorry she is changing her mind but she is a woman in the making
    we do like to keep people waiting and Lola sounds like she will enter the world only when she is ready, sounds like one determined little lady
    I hope she shows up soon for you.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 01-13-08 | 09:21 AM
  • Here's my theory..... you conviced her to stay in there early on.... now she doesnt want to leave until she is good and ready

    So go for long walks, sleep, shop, go to lunch, etc etc.... keep busy.

    You don't want any meds to induce I promise-- so not fun. I was induced with B when I was 10 days past my DD-- and he was colicy-- I honestly believe it was bc he was evicted
    so let her come out on her own terms and she'll be a happier baby for it
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 01-13-08 | 09:21 AM
  • oh- and whine all you want-- it's why we're here

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