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  • holly302 08-29-07 | 05:34 PM
  • lately, my dreams are becoming more bizarre and scary. it doesn't help that i am having a really hard time sleeping now, but when i do get to sleep, i end up having nightmares!

    last night was especially bothersome. i dreamt that i went into labor on August 29th (yes, today) and had my little girl. but, the nurses took her away and when they came back, they brought me a nearly 3 year old little girl! i kept telling my husband that this isn't right...this child is not ours...she walks and talks...she's not a newborn!
    but, he kept laughing at me..and then we took her home and i was sitting in the backseat with this child. there was another woman sitting in the front seat. i kept yelling at my DH about the baby and then about this woman sitting up front with him. i remember i felt so helpless because i KNEW this child wasn't mine and i wanted to know what happened to my baby.

    uuuuugh. i also have dreams about killers chasing me and my family and i am trying to run with the kids in my arms...i wake up in a panic and sweating. or, i have dreams that i am at work, pregnant and i need help, but no backup, i try to keep the baby safe and also trying not to let the person know i am pregnant because i think that he will hurt the baby. alll the time, im yelling on the radio for help, but dispatch doesn't pick up.

    anyways, do any of you have these problems? im thinking about talking to my OB about this...i am losing sleep.
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 08-29-07 | 06:01 PM
  • I'm sorry you're having such disturbing dreams Holly. I've been tossing and turning alot lately, not sleeping very well at all, but no real nightmares. I'm not much for remembering my dreams, so I guess maybe I've been lucky so far.
    Hope they go away soon.
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 08-29-07 | 06:02 PM
  • I have really weird and vivid dreams... not so much scary, except the ones where I find there is no HB or something has happened when I go for the ultrasound...etc... but those are just on occasion and usually only before a big doctors appt or ultrasound... the rest of my dreams are just crazy weird things....

    If you are losing sleep over them when you can actually sleep, I would definetely just mention it to your doctor when you see him next! BTW, I was always told that the being unable to sleep in pregnancy is just getting us ready for being awake in the night again.. I have been so spoiled with B sleeping through so early... and now for so long!

  • Susan Susan's Avatar 08-29-07 | 07:56 PM
  • i have had really weird scary dreams too with every pregnancy. I am not a good sleeper as it is so it's not good.

    i would mention it if you are overtired everyday and see what your Dr has to say
    i hope you get some rest tonight
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 08-29-07 | 09:22 PM
  • I don't sleep well at night, but Cora doesn't hardly sleep through the night anyway so I'm up giving her a pacifier at least once during the night. So I never remember dreams because I hardly have enough time to get into a good sleep pattern so I can get some dreams in there!

    For sure mention it to your doctor. My sister was just telling me that she had a friend who took some sort of herbal sleeping pill when she was pregnant with her last baby (doctor approved) to help her sleep better at night. She felt like she just wasn't able to get the sleep she needed at all. I hope you get some peacfull sleep tonight!