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Pack n' play

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  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 08-20-07 | 12:36 AM
  • Hey ladies! I need your help! I'm looking at pack n' plays to use as bassinet in our room when baby comes, and to travel with for overnighters. I've been searching the sears website and I'm soooooooo overwhelmed. I can't figure out the difference between most of them, although the prices varies alot. Any suggestions/favourites/advice??? Did any of you make use of the change table part???
  • baby hungry 08-20-07 | 12:42 AM


    I'm like you.. I research everything way to much. Heck I research all-a-dollar junk.

    You might want to look at a portable crib. We bought one for Joy to take to Yellowstone and it worked perfectly. We like it because we can use her angel care monitor as well as it is much more like her crib but just in a smaller fold down version.
  • holly302 08-20-07 | 12:46 AM
  • michael had a pack n play...we actually used that as a crib for a couple of weeks before we bought the actual crib...and i used my changing table part often! if it fits in your room, i think it would be helpful.
  • wantabelly wantabelly's Avatar 08-20-07 | 08:30 AM
  • We used a pack n play too. At the time we didn't get too much use of it b/c we lived in a one floor house, where we had a changing pad on our dresser that we used mostly for changing. And her regular bassinet is what we put her in for naps/bedtime. This time around though, now that we've moved to a bigger house, we will use the pack n play for downstairs changing/sleeping, and the baby's bedroom for upstairs.
  • Jen_C Jen_C's Avatar 08-20-07 | 09:41 AM
  • I had a cradle in our room and Cora's crib all set up in her room and she wouldn't sleep in either when she was younger. At first the only place she would sleep was with us in bed. Then we got her to sleep in her carseat. She slept there for the first 2-3 months. I think she wouldn't sleep lying down because she had such bad tummy issues since she was getting milk and was allergic to it. So she was EXTREMELY colicy.

    I have a mini crib (basically a crib the size of a pack and play) that I'm going to set up in our room. I was going to go for a bassinet, but they outgrow most of them when they are 3 months or 15 pounds. So since Cora's still in her crib and I don't want to rush her out of it, I'll just use the mini crib for this little one until Cora moves into a toddler bed.