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  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 07-30-10 | 11:24 AM
  • thanks girls


    had to go to the ER on wed morn because I woke up with very bad lower abdominal pain they scanned me but their scanner is really crap
    and they were so vague I asked to be sent to the Early Pregnancy Unit of the maternity hospital to be properly scanned but because I wasn't bleeding they said they couldn't fit me in that day (don't get me started on how I flipped on that doctor) anyway went home pain subsided, they had done a vaginal ultrasound and found no heartbeat so like my intuition had been telling me along I was expecting the worst. Got a call to go into the EPU this morning and was scanned and she got a heartbeat (vaginally) but its weak and they are calling it a threatened miscarriage. Still no bleeding or cramping but the doctor (another insensitive *****
    ) said in she expected me to bleed and cramp badly within a week and regardless I was to go back in a week to get a repeat scan to see if anything happens (good or bad). She was so vague and wouldn't say yeah or neigh whether I was miscarrying or having a viable pregnancy. She did say that getting a heartbeat was a good sign but not a slow heartbeat but I looked at the computer and they are still going by my LMP and I know I'm not 11+2wks. Anyway like I said it's a threatened miscarriage situation, I'm hoping if it going to happen it happens sooner rather than later, not sure if I want a D&C but if I don't bleed that's what they will have to do.
    I have a private scan booked for tomorrow which I'm going to attend, not expecting a good outcome but I know their equipment is far superior and I know they will at least give me how far along I am measuring (again something she wouldn't confirm to me today). At least if I know exactly how far along I'm measuring it will help me understand and accept that a miscarriage is happening.
    Thanks for thinking of me
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 07-30-10 | 12:33 PM
  • What a roller coaster of emotions!
    So sorry you are going thru all this. I feel awful for all the insensitive, rude (*^&*$%^& people you have had to deal with. Hang in there!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-30-10 | 12:58 PM
  • Wow--what a ride.
    I've encountered some of those @$$-hole docs and I'm sorry you got stuck with a few, too.

    A heartbeat is a heartbeat, no matter how small--so hang in there and we'll keep praying for that little bean.
    PM me if you want to chat.
Thank you Dopey406!
mac71 (07-30-10)

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