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what are your weeknights like?

what are your weeknights like?

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  • Susan Susan's Avatar 08-27-07 | 08:38 PM
  • once the school year starts my Dh won't be home until 7 or 8 every night and the kids go to bed at 8 so i will either keep my 5 year old up to eat with him or she'll eat earlier with her brother..not much time to do anything together

    we get spoiled in the summer b/c he is home so much more !!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 08-27-07 | 08:46 PM
  • we get spoiled in the summer too-- DH works long hours...

    He leaves by 7:30 and is home after 6pm- some nights not until 8 or so-- but on Monday- he tries to plan 2 nights to be home for dinner with us at 6:30-- otherwise I eat with the kids by 6:30 or so and get them showered and in pjs (and cleaned up, etc etc!) and he comes home to put them to bed to spend some time with them...

    he also tries to plan 1 breakfast a week with us--

    it's hard- some weeks are better then others, but i'm used to it...
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 08-27-07 | 08:47 PM
  • oh- in the summer he was working 4 days so that was really NICE! and he took 2 1-week vacations...
  • holly302 08-27-07 | 08:47 PM
  • DH gets home around 430 or usually home by 3pm...

    if DS is with us, i pick him up from school and we come home, have a snack and figure out what we are having for dinner...before i got prego, we would go to the gym for an hour and half eachnight, now we just hang out, watch tv or do laundry. real exciting here.
  • dianelynn77 dianelynn77's Avatar 08-27-07 | 09:33 PM
  • you asked on a bad night here, total rant to follow

    MIke works from 3-midnight, so i do dinner, bath and bed alone. I usually do not mind, i get to watch what i want on tv, etc, but tonight is making me hate it. Lily, the dog, has been throwing up since 5. Ava is in a needy mood due to teething, so wants me to hold her till she falls asleep, which could be 10 minutes, or like tonight, an hour and a half. I tried the cry it out method in crib, but after 10 minutes of screaming, she then puked everywhere. so decided rather than clean any more puke up, i would let her stay on me till she fell asleep. now i ahve having computer time before i take dog out, and oh yeah, i still need to eat dinner at 10 at night!!!!

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