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are you ready?

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  • 3Princes 11-19-09 | 10:44 PM
  • Most of us are due in jan-feb.... So are you ready?

    Have you washed baby's clothes?
    Gotten baby's room ready?

    With Matthew I wasn't due till the 24 of January, and we took down the tree and put Christmas stuff away a little early and got baby stuff out then. I think it will be the same way this time. Only thing is, baby's room isn't ready either. Well, baby will be sleeping in our room, but I need to get the p&p out and cleaned up,etc.

    I was also totally ready for my sub at school by this time, and I am SOOOO not ready for her now.
  • teddybear1082 teddybear1082's Avatar 11-20-09 | 09:20 AM
  • I have done nothing. I am starting to try to figure out where everything is stored-some things are in my parents' basement-some at my in laws' house (car seat, swing, bouncer, etc). I decided I would start washing around Christmas too. Our storage area is stacked with Christmas presents now so I can't even get in to find the baby clothes I have in there anyway!
  • miss.mizer 12-01-09 | 11:24 PM
  • last week on wed i had my last ultrasound and she kept measuring a week ahead, Bt the nurse said she couldnt change my due date thatd id have to wait till my next doc. appointment. i had one this morning and while he was checking my cervix ( so didnt like that, it was very uncomfortable and painful) and said it was thinning out and he wants her out before the new year!

    im kinda worried bc with so much going on with the holidays we havent finished the nursery. we still need to finish painting, find a wallpaper border, get some shelves, and get a dresser. so tomorrows payday and 3 of the four things will be done. i hate rushing things but 4 weeks ( if that long ) isnt a long time at all.

    im Thinking this weekend it might be time to do the belly cast. i dont think i can get much bigger then i am now so it might be time to get around to that.

    im still on the hunt for a 'take me home' outfit + itll be used for her hospital photos.theres a few consignment shops around here that i heard had alot of cute designer things for half the price, so i hope i have some luck there.

    cant believe i only have a max of 4 weeks left. i cant wait to meet her, just wish labor wasnt so horriable lol. Bt like the nurse said, theres no turning back now. i hope everyones doing well. cant wait to see more updates :-)
  • stephjbme4 12-02-09 | 09:18 AM
  • I am ready and set to GO!! I been going crazy buying for my last baby I will ever have, Sad but I am glad!
    I am going to enjoy my baby and hope in a couple years my friends have babies so I can hold and cuddle them.
    I have less than 5 weeks to go and just waiting, me and some girls are going out to dance on saturday last time before the baby comes....
    Maybe dancing will help shake him out HEHE.

    Miss. Mizer - I hope you have a great labor, it's not so bad!! Keep us posted, your due to go first and we want to know all about the birth and see Pics!!!
  • miss.mizer 12-19-09 | 12:10 AM
  • figured this would b the best place for this post. Im starting to buy things for my bag and babys bag. ive read a few books with list of things to bring. pjs,a robe, tooth brush, a couple outfits fot her ( we bought a photo package that the hospital provides, only a $100 and they do awesome newborn pictures), clothes for DH. chapstick ect ect. For those who have done this before,was there anything you wanted/needed that you didnt pack? since its my first the doctor told me i would probably be in labor for awhile, so just trying to be prepared for the long haul:-).

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