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Mark'sbabygirl 10-27-10 04:12 PM

Ryan's Room
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DH surprised me and finished our baby boy's room! I think it looks super cute! Hope really likes it too....haha. I can't believe there is going to be a baby in there in a few months!!!

I have figured out to what to do with the wall with the dresser- it is blank and none of the Snoopy stuff really fits there...ideas??

Dopey406 10-27-10 04:37 PM

SOOO cute! Could you use quilt hangers or something and hang the quilt vertically behind the rocker? After all, you won't really use it (especially not in the beginngin) and it's way too cute to just set aside.

Maybe you could get a vinyl wall peelie-thing with Ryan's name to adhere above the dresser?

Mark'sbabygirl 10-28-10 01:26 PM

Great ideas! Thanks! I think I might use them both!!
:) :) :)

hopeful7 11-11-10 07:10 PM

Very cute!