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hip pain and cramping Print Version

sarje56601 11-02-10 08:35 PM

hip pain and cramping
i have been having major hip pain and cramping. i cannot lay on my sides AT ALL. i can only get comfy on my tummy with a leg pulled up beside my tummy for the cramping. i went to the doctor and they did a crap load of tests but they came back normal. now what do i do

Mark'sbabygirl 11-03-10 11:13 AM

Oh my, that sounds awful! I am glad that everything is okay though. The only thing that helps me with hip or back pain is stretching. Have you tried prenatal yoga? Just getting your muscles warm and gently stretching them for 15 minutes a day might help. It truly is the only thing that helps me- I have back pain if I don't stretch.