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could i be farther along? Print Version

sarje56601 11-07-10 04:39 PM

could i be farther along?
i had my period show up exactly 1 week early and last for less than 1 day. my period usually lasts 5 days and came every 30 days. i am pregnant and the doctors says that the ultrasound is right on my due date. can the ultrasound be wrong? i know for a fact that a period lasting that long when u normally last 5 days means the implantation time of a fertilized egg. please help me with this delema.

rudolphia 11-07-10 06:32 PM

It could be implantation or just early spotting, which is quite common. Unless you're sure of your ovulation date (and you wouldn't be unless you were tracking temps and cervical fluid), I would go with the doctor's estimate based on the ultrasound.