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Any Mothers Expecting Month of February 2018 !? Print Version

Mommytoo2 08-18-17 01:08 PM

Any Mothers Expecting Month of February 2018 !?
Will be expecting my Bundle of Joy February 2018 !!! Soooo excited & Will love to meet Mother's Expecting Around that time or even before . I'm new to this Baby Corner , So will love Company !

magicunicorn 08-31-17 06:47 AM

Hi Mommytoo2.. I'm on my second IVF cycle so hopefully I will be a mom again in 2018 too. Due time should be May.
I hope everything will go well. I'm very anxious. Each cycle is a full box of anxiety, fear and worries unfortunately.
Did you conceive naturally?
Looking forward to hearing more from you