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Appt and update 8/20

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  • Alisha Alisha's Avatar 08-20-09 | 07:42 PM
  • Hey all! I went for my BPP ultrasound and everything looked great and we got a score of 8/8. Now of course my BP was still high and as soon as they had me lay on my left side and retook it everything went back to normal. I'm so sick of being on my left side. Pretty much have been posted up on the couch all week going crazy because I want to do stuff.

    I also had my cervix checked and I'm 3cm!
    I never even had this happen with Micah until I was actually induced. But my midwife pointed out that this is just my body's way and the baby's way of knowing that something is not quite right and it might be time for her to make her appearance. So if my 24-hour urine collection comes back and still has protein I'll probably be getting induced this weekend. Still in shock since I've been the one complaining about everyone leaving me and getting induced early and I being the only one left in September.
    I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-20-09 | 08:13 PM
  • Ah Alisha I am sorry about your bp. Sounds like Morgan is about ready to make her appearance. I cant believe you are at a 3. I hope that is where I am at on Tuesday(I wish to go into labor this weekend lol). Keep us posted on the induction!
  • LMB2007 LMB2007's Avatar 08-20-09 | 10:03 PM
  • I bet you are getting excited now about the possibility of getting induced! It definitely sounds like she is ready to be here, just like LeAnn said. Keep us updated!