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Birth Story of Gianna Marie

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  • Gigis_mommy 10-15-08 | 05:27 AM
  • Things started out quite hectic in the beginning of my labor. I was having contractions the morning of my 41 week appointment (yes I was a week past due) they weren’t huge but I sure felt them. It was the 14<SUP>th</SUP> of July and was super hot out. Mark, my hubby, went with me. They hooked me up to a monitor for 20 minutes and because the baby was having some decelerations in her heartbeat Janice (my midwife), on the advice of Dr. Kells (who wanted to just send me in and completely induce me) decided on a natural approach of prostaglandin gels first which can start labor for some women. Mark and I went into the hospital and right away got taken to a nice room in the labor/delivery area. The nurse Brenda was very cool with natural labor and said that if I went into labor she would support my decisions. I was dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced. The baby wasn’t in the pelvic bones at all. The gels were painful because my cervix was still really high and it has to be put directly onto your cervix to work. Then I had to lie still for an hour and then we could walk for an hour. I bled a little but she said that was good. After three treatments she checked my cervix and I was a 3 and 60-70% effaced. The baby was still really high though. Janice let me go home and that’s when the fun began. I had steady contractions from then on. They would start to get regular, every 4-5 minutes and lasting a minute long for hours then they would slow down but they never stopped after the gels. They would get pretty intense and I really couldn’t sleep. The next day (July 15<SUP>th)</SUP> Janice called and said she was trying to get me back into the hospital for more gels but they didn’t have any rooms so I would have to wait till they called me. We waited all day and I had contractions all day. Some were so intense that I cried. I took a few warm baths which seemed to help a bit. Mark stayed up through the night with me for the most part. We kept wondering if we should just go into the hospital but we didn’t want to have to go through <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com
    ffice:smarttags" /><st1:place>OB</st1:place> triage or wait for a bed to become available, especially since they were trying to get me a room so we waited for them to call us. Again I got no sleep really and labored all night. The call came at <st1:time Hour="5" Minute="0">5 AM</st1:time> (July 16<SUP>th</SUP>) that a room was ready. They told us to get something to eat and head in. Mark and I packed up the car with everything because we were pretty sure that this was it. We stopped at Wendy’s at 6 for breakfast and had our last meal out without a child. We got to the hospital just before 7. We checked in and they sent us up to Labor/Delivery. Just by chance, the nurse who was assigned to me actually knew my mother-in-law and she was very friendly and gave us some special treatment. She was going home at <st1:time Hour="7" Minute="0">7 am</st1:time> so I was kind of sad. After I changed into the hospital gown and got into bed, she checked me and it turned out I was dilated to a 5, 80% effaced and the baby was at -3 station which was still very high but she was starting to come down. So I didn’t have to have any more gels!! Thank God because I was not looking forward to that. The new nurse came on after Seanna said goodbye. I don’t remember her name but that might be because I did not like her. She was not supportive of natural birth in any way shape or form. She told me she wanted to put get an IV line in, even though in my birth wishes it clearly said please do not offer any IVs I do not want them. Then she said, “I think your doc is going to recommend Pitocin because your baby has some decelerations in her heartbeat and is probably sitting on her cord. We need to get that baby out”. This of course freaked me out and I thought, nice, scare the crap out of the new mom and tell her that her dreams of natural childbirth are not going to happen, even though you’re not a doctor. Of course it turned out that she was right in the end but she was so rude. We called Jen (my Doula) and asked her to please come join us when she was ready. At about <st1:time Hour="10" Minute="30">10:30</st1:time> she arrived with her birth bag full of goodies, birthing tub, and music. Liz (my twin sister) had arrived around <st1:time Hour="9" Minute="30">9:30</st1:time> and started getting the word out that today was most likely the day. Jen started rubbing my feet and pressure points with Frankincense essential oil to help bring on stronger contractions. Mine were kind of weak and about 7 minutes apart. I flipped over on my stomach at an elevated angle on the bed and started having stronger contractions that were about 3 minutes apart. We moved onto the ball after the nurse came in and said that the contraction readings could be false because it could be picking up my breathing or heartbeat. So Jen and I decided to try walking before Janice and Brittani (Janice’s student midwife) showed up because I was still only dilated to a 5 but was almost fully effaced now. Unfortunately the baby was still up high. We started laps around the labor/delivery area at 12 and slowly my friends and family started showing up and joining us. Soon we had a huge crowd following us and it was really embarrassing, sweet though. Ryan, Heather, my mom, Lauren, Liz, Shauna, Cliff, Mark, Jen, and I made up the crew. Slowly we lost some people but the majority kept walking with us until my midwives showed up. They hugged me and Janice said, “I don’t want to see smiling, you need stronger contractions.” After she checked me she said she would give me an hour or two to dilate further and see if I made progress on my own, if not we would start Pitocin. The nurse then put in the IV line which didn’t hurt but felt weird and she was kind of like “I told you so” (beast). Janice decided to break my water which was kind of scary but didn’t hurt. She used basically a sterile stick with a hooked end and a few seconds later sploosh a huge gush of very warm water was all over the chuck they had put under me. Yuck, that felt nasty. I felt like I’d wet all over myself. I was really glad that hadn’t happened in public, what a mess. Weird….but thankfully there was no Myconium in the fluid so the baby wasn’t too stressed. Janice and Brittani wished me well and they left. The nurse only waited about 45 minutes and even though I was working on my ball with Jen and slow dancing with Mark. I started having quite strong contractions that were only 2-3 minutes apart when the woman decided to put the Pitocin drip on me, even though I had another half an hour to try on my own according to Janice. I didn’t argue though because it’s not my nature, but I cried. The Pitocin took about half an hour to kick in but I started having stronger contractions around <st1:time Hour="14" Minute="0">2PM</st1:time>. The nurse came in about 45 minutes later and took my blood pressure and then turned up the Pitocin to a 2 without asking. Then she came in 15 minutes later and turned it up to a 3. She was making me very angry. But again I didn’t say anything because it’s not in my nature. The contractions started getting pretty strong around <st1:time Hour="16" Minute="0">4PM</st1:time> and I started not being able to handle them as well. Mostly I think because the Pitocin brings on stronger contractions that are not natural. I kind of felt like instead of me being in control of my body, I had been invaded by a monster and that made me angry. I wasn’t going to get to use the birthing tub either which made me sad. You have to be on constant monitoring while on the Pitocin so no water! Janice checked me at <st1:time Hour="17" Minute="0">5pm</st1:time> and I was dilated to a 6 now which was great. I was basically fully effaced and the baby was -2. So I believe they turned up the Pitocin one more time and that’s when the contractions took over and my memory starts to blur. I remember Jen whispering in my ear at each contraction the mantra “oooooo
    with an emphasis on the oooooohhh sound. I tried to mimic her but it was hard not to just say O
    I tried different positions like on the bed and standing but everything felt wrong. Mark kept saying how he was so proud of me and that he loved me but I didn’t see him. My eyes were squeezed shut for most of this part except for some blurring around the edges. I asked him to make everyone except for the Moms and Liz leave. Heather, Shauna, my brother, and some other people were there. They all exited and some felt a little chagrinned but I couldn’t concentrate with all the added energy in the room. He did his job of protecting our sacred space and I tried to concentrate on the soothing music Jen had started playing. The contractions grew to where they felt like they were larger than my body. Jen kept saying to remember that these could do no harm and were only there to help bring down the baby. I tried to remember that but I started feeling like I was dying. I had no idea what time it was, where I was. I would cry with each contraction and I could not relax into them anymore. I felt completely overwhelmed and exhausted. It was now <st1:time Hour="19" Minute="0">7pm</st1:time> and a new nurse was coming on. I didn’t care at that point. Turned out it was Seanna and that was wonderful because she instantly started mothering me. Petting my face and telling me it was okay. She suggested maybe some pain medicine and I agreed because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I didn’t want the epidural and I needed help. I remember I kept asking for help. Jen let me know that if I used this pain med that I would be out of it for a while and that if the baby was born within 2 hours she could have some respiratory problems because she too would be drugged. I felt a pang of guilt but it was quickly attacked away by a monster contraction. I said okay but I need help. They gave me whatever it was through my IV and about 20 minutes later I was high but still in massive amounts of pain. But it did allow me to sleep intermittently between contractions which were about a minute apart. At this point I had had no sleep for 3 days and was so tired! I was in full on transition and thought okay I have to be dilating now, it can’t be much longer and Jen agreed with me. People came in and visited with me but I fell asleep in the middle of talking to them and couldn’t answer their questions. I was embarrassed but the drug was still in full effect. After the pain meds started to wear off about 2 hours later I used the restroom and then got checked because Seanna had suggested it to Janice, she was going to wait until 10, and it was now <st1:time Hour="9" Minute="30">9:30</st1:time>. I was still a 6 and although I was fully effaced and the baby had come down quite a bit I was not dilating any further which they thought was because I was so exhausted. They were talking c-section even though I didn’t hear them say that, but Mark did. They suggested to me (Jen included) that I get an epidural. I was so devastated because I wanted so badly to be able to do this on my own. Janice said, “Honey do it natural with your next child, when your body knows better what to do. You are just too tired and not dilating”. Jen said that I was strong and that my experience would still be amazing. I finally agreed and Seanna got the ball rolling, she had convinced Janice to check me a little early because she wanted her favorite anesthesiologist to help me. Dr. Ambrose I think. He was going off at 10 and if Janice had waited I would have had to wait in line behind other patients and probably wouldn’t have gotten it until 11 and by then they may have had to do a cesarean. He came in less than 10 minutes and had the epi in in under 5 minutes. I wasn’t allowed to move and had two major contractions as he was putting it in. That took all the willpower I had. But I didn’t want to get paralyzed so I froze. The pain wasn’t that bad, in fact the numbing shot hurt worse and burned. I was in so much pain though that I didn’t really notice it. I lay down after it was over and started to immediately feel better. In less than and hour I was asleep and numb from the waist down. They put in a catheter but I couldn’t feel it thank goodness. I had some trouble breathing kind of so Seanna gave me Oxygen and put an ice pack on my back to try to convince the baby to turn the right way because they assumed she was sunny side up which would explain the back labor. I did get itchy from the epi but that’s a normal side effect. It felt like I had hives all over. I slept from 11 until <st1:time Hour="12" Minute="0">12:00</st1:time> off and on and then at about <st1:time Hour="12" Minute="20">12:20</st1:time> I felt a lot of pressure and like I needed to push. Janice came in and checked me and I was at 9 or a 9 ½ and the baby was way down. In another 30 minutes we were ready to go. They hoisted my legs up in the stirrups because I couldn’t feel them. They felt like pillows to me. Jen had one of my legs and Liz, the other. They helped me draw them back as I began to push. I could totally feel the contractions but they didn’t hurt and I felt her moving down as I pushed. Janice said that pushing was hard work and would probably take an hour to two. Turns out I’m a hell of a pusher. I guess pelvic floor exercises do work. Mark was all excited and taking photos and everyone was cheering me on. Brittani had her hand on the baby’s head and let me know when my contraction was peaking with a nod. I would curl up around the baby and take a deep breath and push hard. I can also hold my breath for a long time. I surprised Janice. After less than half an hour the baby was crowning. I could feel it but again it didn’t hurt. Britney was washing her head with baby shampoo as she came out. Everyone started getting excited. A few more big pushes and she was out! I did tear, a 2<SUP>nd</SUP> degree tear that was kind of deep and low, but short in length. I didn’t feel it though, thank you epidural! They placed her on my stomach and I cried and cried! She looked like Mark and me. She was crying at first but when I said, “Hi Gianna.” She stopped and stared at me. It was amazing and beautiful. Mark got to hold her and she did the same thing, just stared up at him with all this wonder on her little face. She was born at <st1:time Hour="1" Minute="57">1:57 am</st1:time>, weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces. Was 20 ½ long and pooped on me right when she first came out. That’s my little princess! I breast fed her right away and she had a great latch in the beginning. I was truly exhausted and had trouble feeling okay when everything was said and done. They took Gigi to the nursery for a while so I could sleep. She is more than worth it and I love her more than I can really express. She breaks my heart and lifts it up all at the same time. She’s giggles and tears all wrapped up together. I adore her. So even though I went through about 64 hours of labor…I would do it all over again for her.

  • nisey79 nisey79's Avatar 10-15-08 | 02:53 PM
  • wow! what a story! congrats!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-15-08 | 03:41 PM
  • that's quite the story.
    I didn't remember a single person's name (and I had dozens of people coming in and out each of my very strange births)

    its just so amazing how you remembered all those names!

    and - I'm all for the epidural!!

    sometimes, despite our wishes, our body just lets us down and we need that medical intervention. Thank God we have the knowledge in this day and age to help all us laboring mothers out. (I would have most likely died with each of my babies for different reasons if it weren't for medical intervention )

    You had a long and exhausting event, but the story is just getting started
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 10-15-08 | 05:55 PM

    That's an amazing story...especially that you remembered EVERYTHING! Both of my children were induced and yes the potocin is know to cause Hard contractions.It was told to me with my first that with any type of pain meds it slows your body down including your contractions.#2 was no pain meds! I wasn't going to go through a 3 day ordeal like my first....and it was a girl too.

    So glad that you shared your story!
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 10-16-08 | 12:10 AM
  • Congratulations! What an amazing story!

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