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due 3rd july 2011- still not sunk in

due 3rd july 2011- still not sunk in

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  • lol90 01-06-11 | 12:11 PM
  • hi there after trying for what seemed like ages and turned out to only be 4 months finally got a positive test on my birthday!! But still not sunk in!! BF very excited but it just doesnt enter into my head! Its our first baby so really dont know what were in for, or what or when to buy any help would really be appreciated all we know is that we dont want to know the sex till its born so looking at neautrals for anything! And on a budget so not got money to throw away on things that arent really necessary!
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 01-06-11 | 01:08 PM
  • Congratulations! I'm glad to have a little company over here.
  • lol90 01-07-11 | 08:14 AM
  • thanks! Congrats to you too!
  • beth72 01-07-11 | 01:24 PM
  • Hi there, I am in a kinda similar situation... I found out two days before my birthday that I was pregnant, and although it was planned, I was still shocked as it was basically first time successful! Feel like I have been in a bit of a daze since, due in early August. The difference for me though, is that my partner already has several other children so I dont think this is quite so exciting for him, been there done it etc. To be honest, no one seems overly excited, inlcuding me, and I cant work out if its hormones, still not sinking in or what!

    I want to feel happy and excited, and sometimes get a flutter of excitement or nerves, maybe will feel differently once have had scan.
    I am going to be a mum. O M G !! lol
  • lol90 01-10-11 | 09:17 AM
  • lol! Im exactly the same I feel like after the excitement of originally saying lets start trying it just doesnt match up I had my scan and it was a lovely experience but it didnt seem to sink in still! Im hoping it will when i feel it move! my partner doesnt have any other children but he is not one for showing alot of excitement unless its at something mechanic or agricultural lol but i know its just him i find most men have a problem with showing emotion at something like this my dad is the same and was the same during all my mothers pregnancys. I know it will be totally different when a screaming bloody baby is plonked in his arms then well see the emotion. I suppose they cant really bond with baby or the idea of it until then they just dont get what we go through during pregnancy!

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