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EDD 4 July 2010

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  • cuddlz 03-17-10 | 10:06 AM
  • My baby is due on the 4 July... so still got about 15 weeks or so to go

    Still trying to settle on my birth options. I know I'm delivering in hospital with my gynae but I'm just confused about certain things. Going to chat to her when I see her next Thursday.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 03-17-10 | 12:51 PM
  • Welcome! Is this your first? There are so many options for birth and its very good to get on the same page as your OB so you don't end up with surprises. I wrote up a birth plan with my 3rd and took it to my OB after we talked about what I wanted and what he could do. Now my birth plan was very much for a 3rd birth as I knew exactly how my body responded by then. My delivering nurse said it was like following a script

    Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Breast or bottle feeding? Feelings on immunizations at birth? There are so many things to think about and decide even beyond the birth options! Do you have a Pediatrician lined up? Now is the time to start interviewing them.

  • cuddlz 03-17-10 | 01:18 PM
  • hi there
    nope, this is my second

    i've written out my birth plan, probably written it out 2 times already lol

    we're having a little girl, i am definitely going to give breastfeeding my best shot and i have no idea, haven't thought about immunizations yet. got a ped lined up so that's sorted.

    i just wish that you could plan a natural birth better, in other words knowing exactly which day you will go into labour. so many people i know have gone over their due date and being a full time mom, and working full time to name a few things, i wish i could have that planned. i have my heart set on natural so i guess there is nothing i can do about that hehe
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 03-17-10 | 02:30 PM
  • I too wish you knew the date and time that labor would start! That's always very stressful for me. Worry that I won't be able to reach my DH and such.

    Have you planned for things to go wrong in your birth plan? Usually I see moms plan this ideal birth and when that doesn't happen they get very upset. There are so many variables that can go "wrong". Most of my options included "if everything goes right" or "Under ideal circumstances" I'd like to ..... My second birth was a nightmare experience where we both nearly died and everything went wrong! My first birth was just okay and I felt like a patient with no control over my situation. My 3rd birth was fabulous! I hope my 4th is as great as my 3rd was! Having a detailed, but realistic, birth plan really helped make it a great birth!

    My OB had me include my aftercare instructions for the baby and myself on my birth plan. They gave out copies to the nursery and posted it on my door. I had things like no bottles or pacifiers as I was breastfeeding. The baby was only to be removed from my room if one of us went with the baby! I asked for the antibiotic ointment to be delayed for as long as possible after birth. Hospitals do things routinely that I wanted delayed or not at all.

    I wanted an epidural ASAP, so your plan will differ then mine that way

    I loved my birth plan and will keep it the same for this baby. Everything went so smoothly when I didn't have to rely on my DH to remember anything! After 2 previous births I came to accept that anything I tell him goes out the window at the first contraction and him as a labor support person is a joke! He has many great qualities, but birth support isn't one of them! Having a labor/birth plan helped me feel like I wasn't a one woman show directing everything while in labor or right after.